A fan uploads footage of himself playing the classic version of id Software’s DOOM in a Porsche 911, while using the actual car itself as the controller.

With the original version of DOOM being in the Video Game Hall of Fame, it’s safe to say the title is one of the most recognizable and memorable first-person shooters ever released, if not one of the most enduring games of all time when one considers the fact that gamers are constantly finding new ways to experience it. Speaking of which, one fan has now done the seemingly improbable, by recording and uploading footage of himself programming a Porsche 911 to play DOOM with the car itself being the actual controller for the shooter.

As seen below in the video courtesy of the YouTuber vexal – AKA Matt Swarthout – DOOM fans are told that in three easy steps, they can install and play the game not only in the Porsche 911 by mapping the controls to the same maneuvers they will be using for driving, but also in any car on the market today. However, there’s one important thing to bear in mind, and it is the fact that such a feat is not real at all.

Nevertheless, even though Swarthout’s method to play DOOM with a Porsche 911 is nothing more than a marvel of video editing and visual trickery, it doesn’t diminish the quality of the above clip, as he manages to perfectly sync up the footage of him driving with the movement of the Marine – one of the best silent protagonists in gaming history – in the game running on the dashboard screen. To be specific, when Swarthout drives forward, the main character does so as well, and the same can be said in regards to turning left, right, or honking the horn to shoot, which definitely took skill to put together in the editing room.

For those unaware, Matt Swarthout has recorded and uploaded clips to YouTube that are similar to his DOOM clip in terms of silliness and absurdity, as he has previously filmed a tutorial about how to modify any toaster to control PC games, with Swarthout hammering bread sliders of three different toasters like a bout of Whack-a-Mole. Without a doubt, this is more than likely why in his latest video, he has a toaster riding shotgun next to him in the Porsche.

Of course, since DOOM and other older games like Half-Life can be played on high-tech devices like a smartwatch, or even on such bizarre machinery like ATMs and even printers, it’s understandable if anyone believed Swarthout’s method to get the id Software shooter to run and play on a Porsche 911 as a reality. In any event, with modern technology rapidly advancing from moment to moment, it’s quite possible that a feat similar to Swarthout’s could be achievable in the near to distant future, and could allow fans to play what is generally considered to be one of the most controversial games of all time with their respective whips.

The original DOOM is available to play on a plethora of platforms, while 2016’s version is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.