E3 2015: ‘DOOM’ Multiplayer Trailer & Details

By | 1 year ago 

The original DOOM broke a lot of barriers. Fully 3D visuals, moody atmosphere, and unprecedented levels of gore made the game an instant success. But that’s not all: the game was also a multiplayer pioneer. Heard of deathmatch? You have DOOM to thank.

Obviously, multiplayer is going to be a huge part of Bethesda’s upcoming DOOM reboot – no modern day shooter would be complete without it, especially not the successor to one of the most influential games of all time – and the developer dropped a few details about the game’s upcoming multiplayer mode at its first-ever E3 press conference.

Just like DOOM‘s single player gameplay hearkens back to the original title, with speedy, forward-moving combat, the multiplayer is a throwback to the first game, too. It might be falling out of favor these days, but DOOM features the same, arena-based combat as its progenitor. That’s a nice treat for old-school fans, and could be a revelation for younger gamers, as well. DOOM will also feature multiplayer maps from older titles.

Doom Multiplayer

DOOM’s multiplayer will come with at least three modes – Domination, Freeze Tag, and Clan Arena – although Bethesda didn’t go into too much detail.

It’s not all nostalgia, of course. There are also co-operative modes like a variant of Gears of Wars hoard mode, in which players have to fend off increasingly strong waves of enemies, as well as a multiplayer mode in which players earn cash with every kill, which they can use to buy upgrades.

One of the reasons why the original DOOM was so revolutionary was, believe it or not, the inclusion of stairs; as such, it’s fitting that DOOM’s multiplayer has a strong vertical focus, as well as unique weapons and power-ups. Bethesda’s brief trailer featured firearms like rocket launchers, machine guns, and pentagram power-ups.

And, just in case DOOM’s standard multiplayer gets stale, the game ships with its own customization tools as well. Called DOOM Snapmap, the easy, in-game interface lets players build their own maps and game modes with absolutely no prior coding experience.

DOOM arrives Spring 2016 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.