Someone Got DOOM Running on a McDonald's Cash Register

While the internet is quick to criticize Bethesda for porting Skyrim too many times, there's a small, dedicated niche of gamers hell-bent on getting games to run on whatever hardware they can. And while Cuphead was recently ported to some Tesla cars in a move that astounded many, one gamer has upped the ante by porting the original DOOM to a McDonald's cash register.

It's a fairly ridiculous gesture, and it does raise the question of where someone actually gets ahold of a used McDonald's cash register, but it's cool to see nonetheless. The port comes thanks to Twitter user @Raio_Ken. The images posted to Twitter show off the POS system's home screen, as well as the game actually running on the hardware. It isn't 100% clear what operating system the machine actually uses, but it's still interesting to see the DOOM guy represented on it.

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The port even prompted a response from the official DOOM Twitter account, which simply replied with, "I'm lovin' it." Who knows, maybe the game is meant to be enjoyed with a large order of McDonald's fries and a healthy serving of DOOM's Bone Vodka. While the POS system is still, technically, just another computer, it's hard to imagine that porting DOOM over to it didn't take some semblance of hard work, so kudos for undertaking such a challenge.

It's always fun to see the bizarre homebrew ports that gamers come up with. Last year, one Reddit user even took the time to transform an Altoids tin into a functioning Wii. This type of work usually turns into groups of people trying to one up each other into the strangest thing they can rig up, so who knows if anyone will try to respond to this DOOM port as a challenge. At this rate, it may even be more interesting to see platforms that DOOM hasn't been ported to.

While it may not be the highest ranking DOOM game in the series, it still holds a special place in the hearts of many, and its great to see someone take time out of their day to do something cool with it. Hopefully, DOOM Eternal will one day be worthy of being ported to a McDonald's cash register too.

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