id Software and publisher Bethesda have released the launch trailer for DOOM, with the demon slaughtering, hell hunting FPS available starting May 13.

It may be a bit early for a DOOM launch trailer, with the game primed for release on May 13, but just look at it like id Software wants players to marinate in all the blood and metal for a bit in preparation for what awaits them. That way when launch does arrive, players will be perfectly flavored to the palate of Hell’s most voracious demons. Believe me, they’re hungry. Just watch the trailer if you need to see for yourself.

Untitled, DOOM‘s launch trailer does tease a bit of narrative. That is, if you consider a dude waking up, putting on his armor, and picking up his gun before diving into the maw of Hell itself narrative. The rest of the trailer is 100% dedicated to the glorious gamer pastime of genociding Hell of demons. Whether it be via the means of shotgun, chainsaw, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, machine gun, torn off limbs, or just straight up punching. This is DOOM, after all, and the developers have certainly reiterated that bit.

Briefly flashing during the second half of the trailer are the words “Fight Like Hell,” which isn’t terrifically thought-provoking. Still, one does notice how heavily DOOM‘s launch trailer and other recent media is pushing the Hell content of the game. Early trailers focused more heavily on human facilities being invaded by demons, but apparently that doesn’t appeal to teens these days like Hell itself. Perhaps it implies a change in content mid-development, but that’s probably reading into things way too much.

Don’t take this statement as particularly meaningful, but this launch trailer is definitely the best DOOM trailer yet. Not only did the devs manage to recapture the high-intensity action and violence of the original DOOM, but the studio has also shown just how the modern high-fidelity and cinematic flourishes accent and improve the classic gameplay at the same time. This trailer more than any other felt legitimately like DOOM, rather than DOOM 3 or another DOOM-in-spirit follow-up.

Just to add a measure of skepticism, because in the end this is a trailer and not an accurate representation of the game, but the content of the trailer should be telling. There’s no multiplayer shown in the footage, DOOM‘s new melee executions are not shown like they’d play out in-game, and virtually the entire trailer takes place in Hell as opposed to in any human facilities. Obviously these are all decisions made to make the new DOOM look like the old one, but does it also imply there’s content id isn’t fully confident in?

DOOM launches on May 17 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.