The Hell Guards boss fight is one of the tougher sections in the Doom reboot. Anyone having trouble can use this guide for help defeating all three Hell Guards.

After Doom players best the Cyberdemon boss, the next boss fight in the game is against the Hell Guards. The Hell Guards are found in the level called “The Necropolis” as the last major hurdle players have to conquer in order to complete the stage. Just like with the Cyberdemon boss fight, the Hell Guards inĀ Doom take a little bit more strategy than just wildly shooting at them.

Much of that strategy can be learned in the first phase of the fight, which is against a single Hell Guard. This Hell Guard is larger than the two fought in the second phase, but has many of the same attacks. It will try to slam players, as well as charge and shoot a huge ball of energy.

Dodging his attacks is easy enough; just keep moving in a circle and jumping. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of health or armor lying around, but it’s possible to make the Hell Guard drop such items by stunning it, and then shooting it with other weapons. To stun the Hell Guard, wait for it to charge the ball of energy, and then shoot at it with the rocket launcher. This will cause the energy ball to blow up in the Hell Guard’s face, leaving it wide open to attack.

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When the Hell Guard is stunned, run up and blast it with the Super Shotgun to deal the most damage possible. Be sure to flee before the Hell Guard regains its senses, otherwise it has a chance to take out a decent chunk of health with a melee swipe. While this is the best way to deal the most damage to the Hell Guard, players can also take the opportunity to shoot it whenever its shield goes down, but be sure to save some rockets to shoot the ball of energy.

When the Hell Guard’s health dips below the halfway mark, it will add some new attacks. For example, it will throw rotating balls of fire around the arena, and it will also spin flames around in the center, only letting its shield down when it’s done spinning. These attacks are much more difficult to dodge than the Hell Guard’s previous moves, so if the fight gets too intense, use the BFG as soon as its shield drops.

Once this first Hell Guard’s health has been completely depleted, run up and hit it with a glory kill attack. Doing this will cause two smaller Hell Guards to spawn. For the most part, they have the same attacks as the first Hell Guard, except one will focus on using fire attacks and the other will use the electrical attacks that the first Hell Guard used at the beginning of the fight. Luckily, neither of these two smaller Hell Guards have a shield to worry about.

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Use any remaining BFG shots right away to deal the most damage, and keep moving around the arena. Chuck siphon grenades at these Hell Guards as much as possible because again, the only way they will drop health, armor, or ammo is when they are attacked in their stunned state. The rocket launcher and gauss cannon will be the best weapons to use at this stage in the fight – once the BFG is out of ammo, of course.

When their health bar is almost empty, one of the Hell Guards will be susceptible to a glory kill melee attack. Perform this to get rid of it, and then only one more Hell Guard will remain. Depleting the health of this last Hell Guard should be a much easier task without having to worry about dodging attacks from two enemies at once, so less strategy is involved here. Just keep moving, dodging the attacks, and blasting away until the final Hell Guard can also be killed with a melee attack.

With the Hell Guards defeated, players will earn another one of Doom‘s achievements, and be ready to move on to the final levels of the game. There’s many more threats left in Doom‘s campaign even after the Hell Guards have been felled, so be ready for more intense battles ahead.

Doom is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.