An extremely skilled DOOM player takes on id Software’s exceptionally difficult first-person shooter, and ends up beating the game on the hardest difficulty without dying.

It’s been one week since DOOM was released, and the gaming community has been quick to embrace id Software’s latest first-person shooter. Countless players have already completed DOOM‘s lengthy single-player campaign, and some have started tackling the title in various challenging ways. In fact, one player recently made the headlines for speed running through DOOM’s single-player campaign in less than an hour and a half. While that is definitely an admirable feat, it pales in comparison to what another player has managed to accomplish.

YouTuber Zero Master took a relatively pedestrian four hours and 45 minutes to complete their run of DOOM, but what makes this feat incredibly impressive was the fact that they did it on the game’s hardest difficulty level, the aptly named Ultra Nightmare. For those who are unaware, DOOM‘s hardest difficulty is not only crushingly brutal, but also it has a permadeath feature, meaning that once a player dies, that’s it. Even before the release of DOOM, the Ultra Nightmare difficulty had gained some notoriety for being so hard that even the id Software developers couldn’t beat it.

Zero Master’s impressive Ultra Nightmare run – which can be seen below – is one of the most skillful demonstrations on how to play DOOM that’s currently out there. Not only do they combine their impeccable aim with a near-supernatural sense of their surroundings, they also use DOOM‘s glory kill system so advantageously that even Cliffy B would be impressed.

Seeing as how Zero Master’s run placed emphasis on survivability rather than speed, perhaps the YouTuber can up the ante even further by attempting a speed run while playing through DOOM‘s Ultra Nightmare difficulty. Of course, with Zero Master so focused on staying alive, not much emphasis was placed on combing through DOOM for its many collectibles and Easter Eggs either. Now that they’ve conquered DOOM‘s version of Mt. Everest, perhaps Zero Master may fancy a much-easier DOOM Easter egg run next time around.

With all these speed and Ultra Nightmare runs hitting the Internet, it’s pretty safe to say that DOOM is currently on the forefront of many gamers’ minds. Combine that with the game’s positive critical reception, id Software’s latest first-person shooter has made a very convincing case as to why it could be 2016’s best shooter.

DOOM is out now and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Zero Master – YouTube