Doom Gameplay Video Highlights Guts and Gore

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If one thing’s for certain, it’s that the forthcoming Doom reboot is going to be exceptionally violent. After the title’s gameplay reveal trailer showed off new weapons, demons, and brutal melee finishing moves during Bethesda’s first-ever E3 2015 press conference, fans of the seminal first-person shooter responded with resounding applause, for their virtual bloodlust had been properly sated.

While Doom is no stranger when it comes to over-the-top savagery, fans of the game have also come to expect no-frills gunplay and fast-paced movement, as well as unique, hellish environments. As it happens, Bethesda’s bloody FPS has left many who have been lucky enough to play the title with the impressions of a modern and difficult old-school shooter. However, it’s hard not to talk about Doom and continually revisit its brutality, as seen in Bethesda’s new video highlighting the game’s intense “Glory Kills”.

In the footage posted at the top of the article, Bethesda‘s developers make it clear that “Glory Kills” are more than just straight-up gory executions done for the sake of taking out an enemy. They’re also an extremely fast and effective way for players to replenish hit points and get gear. Regarding the matter, Hugo Martin, id Software’s Art Director explains that while the gruesome death animations are cool to watch, “You’re rewarded too, because you get more health [and] more supplies when you ‘Glory Kill'”.

Doom Gameplay Video Highlights Guts and Gore

For gamers who are expecting “Glory Kills” to be a repetitive distraction, Bethesda’s team goes on to guarantee fans that there are a ridiculously large number of them to experience throughout the game, each one changes depending on where players are in relation to the enemy, and rather than hinder the speed of the carnage, they facilitate it. Robert Duffy, Chief Technical Officer at id Software, assures Doom-heads this is the case by saying, “For general ‘Glory Kills’ we have very strict time limits on how long they can last – they’re hundreds of milliseconds just because [we] want to keep the player moving.”

In a gaming landscape cluttered with first-person shooters, Bethesda completely understands in order for Doom to stand out among titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield that it must prove itself. Bearing that in mind, it’s undoubtedly one reason why the studio included such an extreme and standout feature as the “Glory Kill”.

Not to mention, Doom will really have to step up its game as far as the online component is concerned. Even though the co-op and familiar arena deathmatch battles revealed in its multiplayer trailer are impressive, the aforementioned military shooters thrive in that particular field. Hopefully, once Doom is finally available, the title will come out of the gates blazing, and remind gamers everywhere why it has remained so influential.

Doom is set to release at some point in 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda Softworks