Xbox One owners looking to check out DOOM, 2016’s entry into the first-person shooter franchise, have the chance to do so for free this weekend. DOOM is currently free to try until July 24th at 9:00 PM PDT. Players can dive in now and blast demons and other players away.

This free weekend coincides with the release of Update 6.66 for DOOM, which brings improvements to the game’s UI, gives all players free access to the multiplayer DLC content from here on out, and adds a multiplayer progression system. Xbox Live Silver players aren’t being left out either. Everyone with an Xbox One and sufficient Internet can jump in. The free weekend includes unlimited access to multiplayer and SnapMap, and it will let players try out the first two levels of the campaign.

The free weekend also extends to PC and PS4, even though the timing varies slightly. PC players can jump in now, but PS4 players have to wait until July 27th at 12:00 PM ET to do so.

DOOM's Update 2 and Multiplayer DLC Info
free weekend is a good chance for players to dive in and decide if it’s a worthwhile experience. Progress in the game gets carried over for players who decide to buy the game for $14.99 after the weekend, making it a pretty low barrier of entry, and likely a good way for id Software to draw more gamers to its hellish title.

The title has already received solid reviews from critics and gamers, so this is a way to draw in a few more players. id Software is looking into future sequels for the series, so getting as much attention to the game now will likely help carry some of that focus over to any subsequent titles in the franchise. For current players of DOOM, this free weekend will offer easy prey in multiplayer matches, and if more people buy the game, it could get support from the developers for a longer time.

DOOM is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda