A brand new gameplay trailer for DOOM reveals new details on what’s included in Free Update 5 and teases the third and final paid content pack known as Bloodfall.

It’s clear that DOOM has been a massive success story for Bethesda and id Software, not only pulling in stellar reviews, but also reinvigorating the fanbase who may have been somewhat down on the franchise. The success hasn’t stopped there as the title is also fresh off of a number of wins at the annual Game Awards show, capturing wins in the Best Sound Design and Best Action Game categories as well. Bethesda isn’t done quite yet with its bloody shooter as more downloadable content finally arriving.

December is bringing a wealth of new content to DOOM, as a new gameplay trailer from Bethesda reveals that SnapMap and Multiplayer are getting a boost in Free Update 5. Infernal Run is the big multiplayer addition, a new competitive game mode where two teams battle it out over control of an eye-shaped ball in order to score it in the goal of the opposing team. Based on the footage, players familiar with Rift from Destiny or Uplink from the more recent Call of Duty titles should feel right at home with Infernal Run.

The free update also includes a new multiplayer rank known as Echelon 11. Dedicated players who reach this new highest rank will unlock the signature DOOM Marine Armor also known as the Praetor Suit. Lastly, both Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes now support bots, enabling players to go up against AI instead of actual human opponents.

The popular community feature SnapMap now lets players play as the DOOM Marine in the Praetor Suit, adds new Lazarus Lab themed modules and props along with more elements from the campaign. Bethesda is hopeful that these new additions will help players create and share even more campaign-like experiences. SnapMap has also been heavily updated with improvements and fixes, all of which can be read here.

Season pass holders are also getting a holiday treat as Bethesda also announced that the third and final DLC expansion known as Bloodfall is launching next week on December 15. Players are getting three new multiplayer maps alongside the ability to turn invisible as the Spectre Pinky demon. More details have been promised for next week.

Since launching earlier this year, Bethesda has made sure to keep DOOM updated with both new free and paid content. Already, the game has received a number of new multiplayer maps, enhancements, and new modes like private matches, new multiplayer modes, and an Arcade mode which strips out the story for a pure score hunting experience.

Overall, how do you feel Bethesda has done with this latest entry in the long running franchise? Are you glad to see new content still arriving? Let us know what you think in the comments.

DOOM is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.