'InstaDoom' Adds Filters and a Selfie Stick to the FPS Classic


Doom was undoubtedly groundbreaking when it first released in 1993, but these days it's a little outdated. The graphics still have their charm, and the gameplay holds up well — but without any sort of social media influence, it just doesn't feel like a contemporary gaming experience. Thankfully, a new version of the game called InstaDoom brings the FPS kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

If you've ever found yourself gunning down demons on Mars with the BFG and been disappointed by the fact that you couldn't take a photograph of yourself doing so, InstaDoom has just the feature for you. You'll be able to use an in-game selfie stick to capture the perfect photo of your space marine protagonist knee-deep in the dead.

There's also the capacity to overlay Instagram-style filters over gameplay so you can give Doom the new coat of paint that it deserves. All your favorites are there, from 'Inkwell' to 'Valencia' to the classic '1977'. This is the best of the Doom franchise combined with all the best of Instagram — a combination few would have guessed would work so well.

Some of the filters available in InstaDoom.
Some of the filters available in InstaDoom.

However, InstaDoom seems to be playing its part in the revitalization of the Doom community. Since it was first posted on Valentine's Day, the InstaDoom topic on the Doomworld forums has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times. This mod may have been envisaged as a joke, but it's managed to garner more interest than even the much-loved Brutal Doom accomplished in its moment in the spotlight.

Of course, the added gameplay elements in Brutal Doom give it a longevity that InstaDoom likely won't share — but the question remains, could other franchises benefit from the addition of this sort of youth-friendly social media integration? Perhaps the new Tekken could have you troll your opponent on Twitter ahead of a big fight, or the next Paper Mario game could see Bowser leave crude messages on your Miiverse page?

At the very least, a selfie stick would seem to be an essential easter egg for the hotly anticipated new instalment in the Doom series that's been brewing for some time. However, for the time being there's no clear sense of when that title will be with us — so, for now, InstaDoom will have to scratch the itch for any Doom fans wishing for a return to Phobos and Deimos.

Source: Doomworld forums

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