DOOM Eternal Will Have Story DLC

doom eternal campaign dlc

At E3 this year, Bethesda and id Software finally announced a new DOOM game, which is a sequel to the gory 2016 DOOM reboot, titled DOOM Eternal. Yesterday at QuakeCon 2018, the game's developers gave fans a first look at the gameplay of DOOM Eternal, and they also revealed more details about what players can expect from the game's various features and DLC during the Q&A sessions.

During the Q&A Roundtable at QuakeCon yesterday, game director Marty Stratton indicated, among other things, that DOOM Eternal will in fact have single-player campaign DLC this time around. According to Stratton, they are "making content that we know people want," given the fact that one of the big criticisms of the 2016 DOOM reboot was that there was not enough single-player campaign DLC after the game's launch.

Additionally, Stratton announced that DOOM Eternal will not have SnapMap, which is a set of level creation tools that lets players build levels out of prefabricated parts, but that the developers are rather putting more resources toward "doing some of the things that players wanted more from us post-launch." Stratton acknowledged that "[gamers] wanted stuff created by [the developers]," instead of creating their own content, like they have done in previous DOOM games. For Stratton, "SnapMap was really cool. [He] loved it. But it didn’t really scratch that itch for people," and many DOOM old-timers will agree with that.

Unfortunately, Stratton did not go into too much detail regarding the single-player campaign DLC, and we do not know yet how many campaigns the developers will release post-launch, or how long the campaigns will be. One of the other ways that the developers plan to extend the game's life span post-launch, Stratton points out, is the DOOM Eternal multiplayer function. Apparently for this installment of the franchise there will be more than just invasions, as a more traditional multiplayer component in is development internally. From these discussions, and from the gameplay trailer, it seems that this installation of DOOM will have definitely a lot to offer players.

DOOM Eternal has no release date yet.

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