Doom Eternal Is Offering Retro Doomguy Skins

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In a surprisingly understated reveal, Bethesda confirmed some of Doom Eternal's upcoming unique cosmetic skins: three retro skins for everyone's favorite Doomslayer. Bethesda is running a promotion as part of its recent re-release of the original three Doom games. Players who want all three retro Doomguy skins for Doom Eternal will have to pick up all three original Doom re-releases.

Here's how the retro Doomguy skins promotion works. There are three different Doomguy skins and each one is associated with a different retro Doom title. Black-shirt Doomguy is associated with the original Doom, yellow-shirt Doomguy is for Doom 2, and red-shirt Doomguy is tied to Doom 3. In order to get any of the Doomguy skins, players have to both own the game that the skin is associated with and connect to Bethesda's Slayer's Club in-game. Then, when Doom Eternal is released, they can connect to Slayer's Club once again and receive their Doomguy skins.

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In other words, the retro Doomguy skins technically aren't free. They'll require the purchase of a retro Doom game for each of the skins. But as far as bonus content goes, these three skins for Doom Eternal are a nice gift to Doom fans who are supporting the franchise. And Doom Eternal players sporting these skins will definitely stand out in the multiplayer crowd come the game's launch.

Each skin does come with one additional bonus. They technically include both the retro Doomguy skin as well as an exclusive nameplate themed after the game that they're tied to. Nameplates aren't exactly something to get excited about, but no one will say no to more bonus content.

Much remains for id and Bethesda to share about how skins will work in Doom Eternal. Bethesda has both said that it won't have Deathmatch-style traditional mode, but it will have some type of more traditional competitive multiplayer. It also allows players to invade others' games as a demon, like in Dark Souls. And there's also a unique 2v1 multiplayer mode named Battlemode. Skins will clearly work into Doom Eternal's multiplayer to some degree, and will almost certainly be available via microtransactions, too. But exact details will have to wait. For now, these Doomguy skins will have to stand out as examples of what's to come.

Doom Eternal releases November 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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