Doom Eternal: 5 Things We Know So Far (& 5 We're Hoping For)

Now slated for March 20, 2020, Doom Eternal is the follow up to one of the greatest first-person-shooters of the current console generation, even with a few minor shortcomings. As anticipation ramps up for the game (after dying down a bit after the delay from this November) excitement over what we know is almost as high over the things we don't know and want to see. While tons of information is out there, most of it came from E3 2019 during Bethesda's press conference and there is still much we don't know. Here are some of the things we know and some of the things we hope for.

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10 Taking The Fight To Earth (We Know)

The trailers for Doom Eternal displayed some lava-covered and destroyed skyscrapers that looked all too familiar, minus the lava. The game is confirmed to take place (at least partially) on Earth, although the exact story reasons for how this happened are not fully revealed. This exciting, not only because taking the fight with hell to Earth is super interesting from a story perspective but this provides a bit of change to the environments, which could have used more variety in Doom (2016).

9 Improved Traditional Multiplayer (We Want)

While some details about the multiplayer in Doom Eternal were revealed, it mentioned an asymmetrical 2v1 mode. Doom (2016) featured a very traditional first-person-shooter multiplayer that was fine at best. The shooting was great but the multiplayer failed to capture some of the magic of the campaign. It's unclear if the new game will just not feature a mode like this based on the disappointment from the first one but they should be taking another crack at multiplayer.

8 Grapple Hook (We Know)

One of the big features of the gameplay in Doom (2016) was the movement. It was fast and combat encounters centered around running all over an area taking down enemies. This looks to be the case for Doom Eternal with the addition of the meat hook, a grappling hook. It is shown as an attachment for the super shotgun but it might be more prominent since it adds another dynamic to the movement in the game making Doom guy just that much more dangerous for the demons of hell.

7 Single-Player DLC (We Want)

The first game featured several DLC releases (originally paid and later added for free) but all of them were for the multiplayer, adding new demons and maps. This is great and it's nice that the multiplayer was supported but since the single-player is the selling point of these games, it would be great to see single-player DLC released for it.

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Without knowing how the story goes it's unclear if these would be story-related or not, but getting extra Doom Eternal single-player sounds great if the first game is anything to go on.

6 Phobos and Humans (We Know)

Another area where Doom Guy will be murdering a small city's worth of demons was revealed. The space station Phobos was confirmed as a location in the game, which is cool, but less interesting than the other piece of information included with this. That was the fact that there would be some living humans on the Space Station. While the capacity that these people will interact with Doom Guy is unknown (not that they could help him in combat) but it will be interesting to see some real people.

5 More Demons (We Want)

Like any sequel, there is an expectation that the game will be bigger and better than the previous one. This means more as well, specifically more demons. Like many games that revolve around shooting enemies for an extended time, the enemies can get a bit boring if there isn't a ton of variety. Doom (2016) didn't suffer from this issue too much but carrying the demon types over to Doom Eternal will bring this problem up a bit quicker. There were a couple of new demons shown off but the exact amount and types have not been confirmed.

4 New Weapons (We Know)

Doom Guy loves killing demons and he loves killing them in every way imaginable. Doom Eternal has some new weapons confirmed for your demon-killing pleasure. An extendable are arm blade will be in the game to make some demon sashimi.

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An equipment launcher will have a versatile set of uses and a crossbow will deal massive amounts of damage to demons. These most likely won't be the only new weapons in the game, but they do show how creative the team is getting with new weapons.

3 More Locations (We Want)

As previously mentioned, Doom Eternal will feature several new locations but the more the better. As shown with other first-person-shooters of similar quality and length, the location variety can be much higher than Doom (2016) was. Going to Earth gives the potential for several locations around the planet with different biomes and styles that will hopefully keep the game from feeling too similar throughout. We want to be killing demons in as many different places as possible.

2 Campaign Invasions (We Know)

A mixture of single-player and multiplayer, it has been confirmed that other players can invade your campaign as a demon and attempt to take you down at pretty much any time. While it hasn't been said, it can be assumed that this can be turned off if it doesn't sound interesting to you. That said, most demons don't stand a chance against Doom Guy so these invasions may just make for an interesting change of pace and not result in extra deaths.

1 Audio Logs (We Want)

Data logs can be found throughout Doom (2016) but they unlock codex entries that have to be read. While the soundtrack is phenomenal, taking a break from the fast-paced action of the game doesn't feel right and having the option for these entries to be read out loud while you murder demons would be much preferred. Not having to take a break from the action to learn more about the universe, if you care about that sort of thing, is far more in line with the non-stop demon-murder train that is Doom (2016) and soon to be Doom Eternal.

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