10 Games To Play Before Doom Eternal Comes Out

With Doom Eternal's release pushed off for three entire months, fans of the fast-paced, first-person shooter have been left twiddling their thumbs. What are we supposed to do while we wait for one of the most highly anticipated video game sequels?

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Luckily, there are actually quite a few games we can play that will prep us for the demon-slaying glory that is yet to come. Before March 2020 finally arrives and Doom Eternal releases, don't waste time just sitting around. Pick up some much-needed "research," and play till your fingers give out. Read on if you want to know which games you should play before Doom Eternal comes out.

10 Doom (2016)

It feels more than obvious that one of the games excited fans of Doom Eternal should play is Doom (2016). After all, Doom Eternal is the highly anticipated sequel to this game. Therefore, it is the perfect way to brush up on your demon-slaying skills. Honestly, no other game really matches Doom (2016) for its fast-paced, first-person-shooter action. The speed at which you move as a character, the inability to reload, the constant movement necessary to stay alive, all these factors make Doom (2016) a unique experience in the first-person shooter genre.

9 Super Meat Boy

What's a platformer doing on this list, right? Well, if we know anything about Doom Eternal, it's that precision will be required to excel at the game. You have to perfectly time those button presses when shooting sprinting demons, all while maintaining a smooth flow of movement so that you're not blasted to smithereens.

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Super Meat Boy can work in very much the same manner. You move constantly over these spinning saw blades, lethal drops, and pulverizing pillars. If you can master the timing needed for Super Meat BoyDoom Eternal will be no problem for you.

8 Wolfenstein: The New Order

If you're hankering to play Bethesda's revitalization of a classic series, why not go back to the one that started it all. Wolfenstein: The New Order brought life back to the Wolfenstein franchise, much like Doom (2016) revitalized the Doom series. Why not spend your time waiting for Doom Eternal by reliving the magic that taking a modern spin on an old game can be. While the run-and-gun approach might not always work in The New Order, it's still a first-person shooter that is related to Doom in some way.

7 Doom 3

Often considered the black sheep of the Doom family, Doom 3 should not be overlooked when trying to satiate that Doom appetite. There is a healthy collection of fans for this game. They appreciated this odd sequel for the scares it provided in its take on a demonic invasion. Besides, another good reason to give Doom 3 a try again is because it will make you appreciate the fast-paced changes made to the series in Doom Eternal. In other words, it will make you get down on your knees in thanks that the reboot of Doom turned out so good.

6 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Captain Price in Call of Duty

Instead of standing idle while waiting for Doom Eternal to release in stores, go ahead and check out the reboot to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The plethora of multiplayer content in the game will be able to keep you busy for hours.

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Plus, like it or lump it, this new Modern Warfare is one of the top first-person shooters of the year. You might as well play the cutting edge of the genre before tackling the game that will replace it in March 2020. It's only fair.

5 Halo 2

You can never go wrong with a classic. For the longest time, Halo 2 was the game many considered the zenith of the first-person shooter genre. No other game had such an intriguing campaign that was a fun co-op romp or such a robust multiplayer scene. You and your friends can still sink hours into Halo 2. In addition, it's not hard to see similarities between Doomguy and the Master Chief. If you miss that heavily armored dude in green silently mowing down baddies, then maybe Halo 2 could give you the protagonist you crave.

4 Half-Life 2

Speaking of classics, why not take a spin down memory lane and play Half-Life 2. Not only will you be playing as the bad-ass silent protagonist in the form of Gordon Freeman, you'll also have a variety of weapons at your disposal.

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That's one of the fantastic things about both Half-Life 2 and Doom. The manner in which you take down foes is different for every player, based on which weapon is their favorite. And there is no wrong answer when it comes to picking which weapon you want to use the most.

3 Cuphead

Cuphead is actually very good training for playing a game like Doom Eternal. Just hear us out. In Cuphead, you have to keep a close eye on the screen in order to make sure no errant projectiles hit your character. The only problem is that there is a lot of stuff going down on the screen. You have to learn to filter through all that mess on the fly. Same thing with Doom. You have to see through all the hullabaloo in order to dodge incoming fire and target your own enemies. Cuphead is the perfect training ground for this skill.

2 Prey

Let's show single-player campaigns from Bethesda some love by playing Prey! Everybody knows that players flocked to Doom (2016) thanks to the campaign. The multiplayer was more of a side bonus than the actual draw. So if you want to have another great single-player experience before getting your hands on Doom EternalPrey is not a bad option. In fact, it's a dang good one. You take on a variety of alien foes called the Typhon using your wits, acquired skills, and GLOO. Not a bad way to while away the months until Doom Eternal rises.

1 Doom (1993)

Finally, what is the best way to spend your days until Doom Eternal comes out than by playing the game that started it all. Sure, the first Doom came out in 1993, so a few features are a bit dated, but you can't deny the magnetic pull of playing the granddaddy of first-person shooters. It's a classic for a reason, fellow gamers. Show respect to this iconic game by giving it some love before we move on to its modern progeny. Once you play it, you'll remember that the Doom series has aged like fine wine.

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