One of the tougher boss fights in the DOOM reboot is the battle against the Cyberdemon located in the Lazarus Labs level of the game. Use this guide to defeat him.

The new DOOM game from Bethesda and id Software is earning a reputation for having a pretty decent challenge compared to many other FPS games on the market. One of the tougher sections in the game comes during the two-phase Cyberdemon boss fight, who players will encounter in the Lazarus Labs level. While the Cyberdemon in DOOM can be intimidating, there are some tricks to the battle that can make it a little less stressful on higher difficulty settings.

In the first phase of the fight, the Cyberdemon has a number of deadly attacks. When he swipes, he will send dangerous energy waves flying at the player, always alternating between low and high waves. A single jump will be enough to go over the low wave, and to avoid the high wave, just stay grounded. Cyberdemon will also fire a barrage of rockets, and call for an airstrike.

To dodge the rockets, just keep moving around the Cyberdemon in a circle – which is good advice for most of this fight, actually. The impact zones of the airstrike missiles, meanwhile, are telegraphed by large glowing circles on the ground, making those much easier to avoid. Besides those attacks, basic melee strikes, and the Cyberdemon’s occasional attempt to rush the player, that is all the moves in his arsenal.

For the first phase of the fight, the best thing to do is hammer him with Gauss Cannon shots and rocket launcher blasts while constantly moving and jumping to avoid his various attacks. Tossing frag grenades at his feet is also an effective way of depleting the Cyberdemon’s health bar quickly. As tempting as it may be, though, don’t use the BFG in the first phase, because it will prove to be crucial in the second phase of the boss fight.

Doom Guide: How to Beat the Cyberdemon Boss Fight - Cyberdemon roar

When the Cyberdemon’s health has been fully depleted, run over and melee him to start a glory kill animation. A short cut-scene will trigger, and the second phase of the fight will begin shortly thereafter. Now, dying on this phase can be very frustrating, as players will spawn with just a small fraction of health, making it so many of the Cyberdemon’s attacks are one-hit kills.

Furthermore, Cyberdemon has some new tricks up his sleeve in the second phase. He can shoot charged blasts that are one hit kills regardless of how much armor or health the player has, and he can also trap the player in a makeshift rock tunnel. When the latter happens, damage the Cyberdemon as much as possible to get the walls down, as it is much more difficult to avoid his attacks in such a confined space.

The key to success in the second phase of the fight is the BFG. Hit the Cyberdemon with a blast from it, and he will be stunned. From there, blasting him with rockets will cause the creature to drop valuable health, armor, and ammo. This is especially helpful if one died at this fight before, and are stuck with a low health bar.

Once the Cyberdemon’s health bar has been depleted yet again, one more glory kill animation is all it takes to put him away. This will reward players with one of DOOM‘s achievements, and will let them continue with the game knowing that one of the more difficult sections has now been completed.

DOOM is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.