DOOM's Final Expansion Adds New Maps, Customization, and Spectre Pinky

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Bethesda releases a launch trailer alongside an announcement that the third and final premium DLC pack called Bloodfall is available now for DOOM players.

After becoming a fan favorite title since it launched earlier this year, DOOM has given players a lot more to do through the inclusion of both free updates and premium content. The well reviewed title has added everything from new game modes like Arcade and private matches, to new enhancements to SnapMap, as well as a heap of multiplayer additions like new gear and premium maps. Players still looking for more ways to slaughter the demonic horde can now pick up the third and final premium DLC pack - as shared by the official DOOM Twitter.

The Bloodfall expansion pack for DOOM adds three new multiplayer maps to the experience including Empyrian, Boneyard, and Outbreak. Empyrian is a coliseum type of battleground, held in the sky prompting players to watch their step. Boneyard takes things to Hell directly as the landscape is made entirely of flesh, bones, and teeth. Finally, Outbreak takes place in a corrupted UAC facility, where a recent science experiment has gone wrong and broken free from containment.

In addition to new maps, the content pack also adds a new player-controlled demon known as Spectre Pinky, lateral thrusters allowing for short directional boosts, three new hack modules, and new customization options like the Cultist Armor. The update also adds the grenade launcher into the mix, enabling players to bank grenades off of walls to deal area effect damage, or utilize smoke grenades through its secondary fire.


A double XP event has also kicked off in celebration, ending on Monday, December 19 at 12pm EST. Interested players can purchase the final premium DLC pack individually for $14.99 or grab the season pass to unlock all previously released downloadable content. For those folks with the season pass already, the content should be available starting today.

Even though Bloodfall marks the final planned DLC included in the season pass, it's not clear if Bethesda is planning on moving on from the popular shooter. DOOM has proven to be a hit with critics and gamers alike, even earning a couple of awards at the Game Awards earlier this month. Could that popularity push id Software to continue supporting the game with new content into 2017?

It's certainly not an uncommon practice and has recently been seen by titles like Street Fighter V and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, both of which added another year of content. Bethesda has also recently gone this route, providing another wave of support for Fallout 4, even after delivering all initially-promised content.

Do you think Bethesda will continue supporting the game with new content or does this pack signal the end of meaningful updates? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

DOOM is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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