Intrepid YouTuber ZaziNombies creates a massive 20 pound replica of Doom’s beloved BFG 9000 weapon using over 5,000 LEGO bricks, and it’s freaking great!

In the pantheon of famous game guns, there are a few that hold a special place in gamer’s hearts. For some, it’s the Needler. Others prefer, The Shark Gun or maybe even the Laptop Gun. The granddaddy of them all, however, is The BFG. Hailing from the beloved demon-slaughtering shooter franchise Doom, the BFG 9000, short for the The Big F*cking Gun 9000 (or Bio Force Gun if the awful Rock-starring 2005 movie is to be believed), is renowned for its pure, unmatched demon slaughtering power. The classic gun has become synonymous with the classic shooter series from which it spawned and has even popped up in games like Fallout 4 thanks to a mod.

Fans have been using this massive, not-so-friendly armament to mow down enemies since 1993, and with Doom right around the corner, an intrepid Doom fan has opted to pay homage to the beloved shooter series by crafting a replica of the infamous gun entirely in LEGO.

While LEGO might be best known these days for its litany of movie tie-in games, and for spawning a feature film featuring the hit song “Everything Is Awesome,” the little building bricks can also be used to build an homage to a demon eviscerating super weapon. Crafted by LEGO virtuoso and YouTube user ZaziNombies, the massive replica gun looks like it would be right at home mowing down Cacodemon’s on Mars.

ZaziNombies, who has previously constructed LEGO-fied versions of game weapons such as The 4th Horseman from Destiny and the Frostmourne from World of Warcraft, built the BFG 9000 as a part of his reoccurring LEGO Weapons series. According to ZaziNombies, the LEGO BFG clocks in at a whopping 20 pounds and required a staggering 5,000 bricks to construct.

The weapon is based on the specs of the BFG 9000 found in the original Doom, instead of the revamped BFG featured in Doom 3. This required the builder to utilize hundreds of translucent green LEGO bricks to replicate the green plasma orbs that the weapon fires, but the effort seems to have paid dividends.

With developer id Software confirming that the beloved BFG 9000 will return in the latest Doom, gamers are itching to go trigger-happy with the orb-slinging demon killer. While gamers may currently be tearing through the Doom multiplayer beta, fans of the franchise wait on bated breath to find out if the newest Doom will do the series proud. But until the game’s May 13th release date rolls around, gamers can get their BFG fix by watching the video of this dedicated replica on repeat.

Doom releases for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 13, 2016.

Source: ZaziNombies LEGO Creations