'Doom 4' Will Please Fans of the Franchise

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According to Matt Hooper, id Software's design director, Doom 4's development is going great. In fact, id Software believes that Doom 4 will please fans of the storied franchise. While little is still known about the in-development game, id has said the game will be distinct from its other shooters.

This means that gamers should not expect Doom 4 to just be a re-skinned or slightly tweaked version of Rage. Seeing as how Rage itself has yet to hit store shelves it is hard to know whether that is a good or bad thing. But really, it is hard to fault a studio for wanting to bring more than one top-tier FPS to the market and to have each be unique and stand on its own two feet.

With so little known about Doom 4 at this point it is a little hard to know exactly what is meant by id saying Doom fans will like the game. Are there still a lot of Doom fans out there? Sure, there are people that loved Doom and Doom 2 back in the day but are there fans of the series out clamoring for a new sequel? Likely yes, but that is not the tough part. The tough part is figuring out exactly what those fans want and expect from a game like Doom 4.

Some early fan reaction and some early hands-on impressions of the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever might illustrate how gamers may still hold an old franchise fondly in their heart for nostaglia purposes but also how they don't really want that kind of game again now. It might serve as an example of how games have progressed since those early FPS days. Then again, it might not.

Perhaps Duke Nukem Forever will launch to much critical and commercial success and Doom 4 will come out and blow long-time fans out of the water while bringing new gamers into the fold as well. Hopefully that is the case. There can never be too many good games.

What is your take? Do you think Doom 4 will deliver the goods? What would you like to see in Doom 4? Anything you think they should leave out of the game that was a focus in past installments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Eurogamer

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