DmC Devil May Cry Gamescon 2011 Trailer

Capcom’s Devil May Cry had its time to shine over the past decade, first cropping up for the PlayStation 2 back in 2001, shocking players with deep combat mechanics, gritty storylines, and “devilish” anti-hero Dante.

Times have changed and with four DmC iterations under Dante’s belt (not to mention a few rounds in the fighting ring), Capcom has given the franchise a chance to reboot, as on display during E3 this year. Now, Capcom has released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming remake – and it looks… different.

Developed by Ninja Theory, the new gameplay trailer shows off what the team has been up in the few months since E3, displaying the new Dante’s combat mechanics and stylized combos, not just a new look. With a new title, DmC Devil May Cry and a fresh new stylized appearance for the franchise protagonist, Ninja Theory and Capcom are still keeping a lot of details close to the chest.

Check out the DmC Devil May Cry trailer below:

With more air juggling and button mashing than you can shake a controller at, it seems that DmC continues the trend of juggling-heavy gameplay/keeping enemies off the ground. An interesting little bit showcased in this video is not only a new weapon (an over-sized scythe), but also the ability to quick-change between weapons – as evidenced by the traditional sword, dual-action guns, scythe, and even a new tethering device that will come in very handy in keeping enemies close.

Unfortunately much of what could alleviate long-time fans is still woefully missing: timelines on the reboot, who the antagonist is, some more info on the “rage” mechanic displayed at E3, among other things – a lot of questions that combat alone can’t answer. It’s already been stated that series director Hideki Kamiya has issues with game reboots – so it’s definitely going to be interesting to see if the team can deliver.

In the meantime, how do you think the reboot is looking thus far? Is it a worthy adaptation or should Capcom have left well enough alone? What (if anything) would you rather see or hear about at this point in the game to really make DmC worth it? Give us your answer and let us know what you’re thinking.

DmC Devil May Cry will be out sometime in 2012, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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