When Capcom and developer Ninja Theory released the first screenshots for their reimagining of the Devil May Cry property, titled DmC, there was s significant backlash directed towards protagonist Dante’s new look. While Ninja Theory claimed that the redesigned Dante was a byproduct of the title’s prequel storyline, it still didn’t assuage fans’ fears that the developer was on the wrong track.

To make matters worse, when actual gameplay of DmC in action was released it further frustrated fans that saw the game as lacking a lot of the series’ trademark systems and mechanics. DmC, for example, uses a ‘Devil Trigger’ and ‘Angel Trigger’ ability to imbibe Dante with beneficial abilities and weapons, however they are arguably simplistic in nature. Needless to say, fans had plenty to complain about.

With that being said, it was shocking for us to discover, whilst playing the game at this year’s Comic-Con, that DmC is actually a lot of fun. It is decidedly different, and the verdict is still out on Dante’s wisecracking personality, but it plays well enough to fit into that niche. However, experiencing and learning to understand the game for yourself, and convincing others are not one in the same. Our preview, which praised the game’s new mechanics and gameplay, was still met with considerable resistance.

Regardless of fan pleasure, Capcom is still diligent in their efforts to convince fans that DmC still comes from a very similar mindset, and fans shouldn’t be so hard on the game. To that end, they announced that DmC would be released first in online demo form so that gamers can try out the title for themselves.

There’s no word on when the demo will release as the news was just revealed by Producer Alex Jones at New York Comic-Con over the weekend. Furthermore, no mention was made of a PC demo, which leads us to believe that, like a few of Capcom’s more recent offerings, the PC version of DmC might release a little later.

DmC Devil May Cry Screenshot 7

At the NYCC panel it was also revealed that both Mundus: The Demon King and Vergil will be returning for DmC. Devil May Cry fans will recognize Mundus as the main villain from the first game, who will appear in this prequel as ruler of the underworld.

As far as Dante’s brother Vergil was concerned, Jones was pretty tight-lipped about concrete details. His coy responses to questions regarding Vergil being playable in the game suggest he might be part of a DLC package, but that was it. We also learned that Dante’s parents would factor into the game in some form.

These new revelations — mainly the news of Vergil and Dante’s parents — should further conflict fans’ allegiances to the game, as they are tempted with intriguing revelations but still left unsure about the gameplay. Hopefully if the demo releases early enough, it might convince them the game is worth checking out, and allow for considerable buzz to form as more DmC details are revealed.

Do you think a demo will help determine how you feel about DmC, or have you already made up your mind? What do you think about the news out of Comic-Con regarding Mundus, Vergil, and Dante’s parents?

DmC: Devil May Cry releases January 15, 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: Joystiq