Devil May Cry fans that have pined for the old school look of protagonist Dante since the unveiling of a much younger, punk rock-inspired iteration for DmC Devil May Cry have finally been presented with an answer. Just announced is a new DLC pack that features three costume packs for the game, including a Devil May Cry 3 era look for hero Dante.

While the vanilla version of the game does offer a white haired, red-jacketed version of Dante that is only while the character’s ‘Devil Trigger’ is active. At the time it appeared to be the best compromise developer Ninja Theory was willing to offer disgruntled fans, however this new DLC option delivers a classic Dante look throughout the entire single player campaign.

Unfortunately, as has been a common move for Capcom, it’s trapped behind a pay wall, in this case a $4.00 (320 Microsoft Points) DLC price tag. That means any fan who refused to play DmC because of Dante’s new look — and based on the comments in our review there are still a lot of them — have the option of paying a little extra to get the “experience” they wanted.

No doubt this announcement is unlikely to go over smoothly with Capcom fans that have been burned countless times by on-disc DLC and over-priced costume packs. Moreover the decision not to offer an alternate costume with the retail version of the game, suggests Capcom knew all along they would offer this DLC.

The pack includes two alternate looks for the revamped Dante as well — a Dark Dante and Neo Dante look — but we all know it’s the DMC 3 era Dante that will make this DLC pack worth picking up.

DmC Costume Pack - Classic Dante

Regardless of how gamers feel about such an option being available, the DLC pack is releases in just a few short days, on January 29th. It’d be interesting to see if DmC sales see a spike after then.

How do you feel about Capcom offering a DMC 3 era Dante costume as DLC? Would you be more apt to buy the game if you could play as that version of Dante?

DmC Devil May Cry is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360

Source: Capcom Unity

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