A brand new trailer for the re-imagining of DmC Devil May Cry debuted at E3 2011 and depicts some actual gameplay footage. Fans of the series have been disappointed about the new look for series hero, Dante, but perhaps the gameplay might put some fears to rest.

DmC Devil May Cry‘s redesign has been discussed and justified at length by publisher Capcom and developer Ninja Theory. Original series director, Hideki Kamiya, has also talked about his disapproval regarding the character changes. Aside from the first trailer shown, little has been on display for the new title.

Luckily, E3 has allowed Capcom to debut a fresh trailer for the new DMC game, showcasing more of the gameplay to be expected. Perhaps this will be enough to put fan fears to rest.


Seems like Dante is up against some sort of demonic authoritarian enemy, which seems fitting enough for the character. The enemy design doesn’t seem evocative of prior DMC games, but the series is getting a reboot, so that just might be the only explanation needed.

Stylish combat in the air and on the ground doesn’t look like it’s changed much. Dante will still have access to a sword and dual-wielded pistols, and from the video, an ax, too. A new mechanic is introduced that resolves the issue of Dante’s lacking white hair. Dante can now enter some kind of rage mode where his hair turns white and he probably deals more damage and has increased speed. Perhaps him overusing this ability results in his hair becoming permanently white?

The combat still looks like Devil May Cry: fast, pretty, and borderline ridiculous. Should the controls remain the same, DMC fans will have no problems jumping back into the game.

Unfortunately, the trailer does seem a little boring. Aside from the transformation mechanic, nothing really did seem to stand out. Could this reboot be entire unnecessary? Is it time for Dante to finally retire?

DmC Devil May Cry has no official release date yet, but will be coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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