'DJ Hero 2' Pre-Order Bonuses Will Have Your Head Spinning

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These days it seems like a number of big retail chains are constantly vying to have the best pre-order exclusives out there, and the upcoming release of DJ Hero 2 will have no exceptions. From turntable stands to exclusive in-game characters, Game Rant has the spin on what's what in the world of pre-orders. Yes, I just made a spin joke; I'm sorry.

Keep in mind that some of the pre-order bonuses are only attached to certain versions of the game, so watch out before you go and buy the game based on what exclusives you might get! Let's take a look at the goodies:

  • GameStop (Party or Turntable Bundle Purchase) - GameStop will be giving away an official PUMA brand turntable controller bag, which makes lugging a turntable easier -- the only question is if you'll ever actually need it. If you're not planning on bringing DJ Hero to a bunch of friends on regular occasion, this might seem like an odd choice. None-the-less, it's a pretty sick bag, valued at $45.

Pictured: A pretty sick bag, but useful?

  • Amazon (Any Version) - Amazon will be giving away two digital downloads -- but not the kind you're used to with gaming releases. They'll be giving you two MP3s, mixed by the DJs Deadmau5 and Kaskade. The songs are mixes of music straight from the game ("I Remember" and "Move For Me"). It's a pretty small bonus, but if you're just buying the game by itself, it's better than no bonus at all!
  • Best Buy (Party or Turntable Bundle Purchase) - If you get one of the bundles from Best Buy, they'll be giving you a hard-shell Turntable carrying case. It might sound really useless, but keep in mind that it goes all Optimus Prime and transforms into a Turntable Stand, which is definitely a useful feature for any virtual DJs.
  • Best Buy (Any Version) - Yep, there's another bonus coming from Best Buy. With the pre-order of any version of the game, you will get access to an unlockable download code which will make the actual persona of DJ Deadmau5 a playable character. If you're ordering the Party or Turntable bundles, you'll get this bonus along with the hard-shell case.
  • Wal-Mart (Party Bundle on Wii or Xbox 360) - This is the bundle where you definitely get the most bang for your buck, provided you're new to the DJ Hero series in general. Bundled with the DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle comes the complete original game, which adds a solid 170 songs to your experience -- that's nothing to sneeze at. It's not listed for the PlayStation 3 version, but we've no idea why.
  • Deadmau5 (Any Version) - Yeah, I bet you didn't see this one coming -- if you order it from the man himself, you'll get (you guessed it) a bunch of Deadmau5 goodies, along with a chance to win a fly-away trip to play with the legend himself. When you order it from him, you'll automatically receive a Deadmau5 t-shirt, bag and silicone wristband.

That about sums up all the pre-orders -- it's quite a list to choose from, but I'd say Wal-Mart and Best Buy are the top notch picks here. What do you think, Ranters? Are you planning on getting any of these? What's your favorite exclusive listed here?

DJ Hero 2 will be released on October 19th (the 22nd for our European friends) for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Wii.

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