Two New 'DJ Hero 2' DLC Packs Will Drop in November

DJ Hero 2 DLC

DJ Hero 2 fans will not have to wait long after the game’s release for new content as Activision is gearing up to release two brand new mix packs in November. The two packs will each contain three exclusive mixes and will start being released two weeks after DJ Hero 2 has hit store shelves.

The Hit Makers Mix Pack will be the first on November 2, 2010, and will contain mashups of popular songs from big R&B artists. The Electro Hits Mix Pack will then be released two weeks later on November 16, 2010, with more of an emphasis on electronic musicians. It will feature more upbeat dance tracks in comparison to the low key mixes from the first. DJ Hero 2 developers FreeStyle Games will even jump behind the turntables to provide a track for each of the mix packs.

Each pack will set you back 640 Microsoft Points or $7.99 on PSN, while Wii owners can only buy the mixes individually at 300 Wii points a pop.

The details of the mixes are included below, with a trailer for each giving a snippet of the tracks.

The Hit Makers Mix Pack will be available on November 2, 2010.

  • Usher ft. -- “OMG” (Remix by FreeStyle Games)
  • Rihanna ft. JAY-Z -- “Umbrella” Mixed with Marvin Gaye -- “Let’s Get It On”
  • Big Boi & Cutty -- “Shutterbug” Mixed With Mark Morrison -- “Return of the Mack”


The Electro Hits Mix Pack will be released on November 16, 2010.

  • LMFAO -- “I’m In Miami Trick” Mixed With Green Velvet -- “Shake & Pop”
  • Steve Aoki ft. [[[Zuper Blahq]]] -- “I’m In The House” (Remix by FSG)
  • SMD -- “Hustler” Mixed With Technotronic -- “Pump Up The Jam”


In addition to the mix packs, Activision will also be releasing a free compatibility patch that will allow DJ Hero DLC to be played in DJ Hero 2. The update is expected to be issued sometime in November, but Activision has not stated whether the previously existing DLC will be rearranged to feature the new gameplay elements found in DJ Hero 2.

The above trailers show that FreeStyle Games and DJ Hero have the magical ability to convert annoying pop songs into wonderful candy for the ears. The mix packs have a variety of dance goodness, but I'm especially excited to jump on the Steve Aoki remix and the SMD mashup with Technotronic.

I was slightly skeptical of DJ Hero 2 when release date was first announced because I didn't want the DJ Hero games to become over saturated with very little difference from one iteration to the next. Luckily, FreeStyle Games has brought a lot of refreshing changes to DJ Hero 2, with new additions like the career based empire mode, a soundtrack consisting of 105 new tracks, a great crew of playable DJs, and the ability to play with two turntables and microphone. Due to the new features, I'm back on board with DJ Hero, and DJ Hero 2 is shaping up to be a must play this fall.

Will you be picking up DJ Hero 2 when its released next week? Are you also interested in downloading the two mix packs?

DJ Hero 2 will spin its way onto the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii next Tuesday, October 19, 2010.

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