Several players have now uncovered a brand new loot farm in an early-game mission of The Division, effectively creating a new Loot Cave scenario.

Fans of The Division who were disappointed to see the infamous Loot Cave being patched away will be happy to hear that its unofficial replacement has been almost immediately uncovered. It seems like The Division is destined to always have some kind of prevalent loot exploit, but more surprising is that the new loot farm discovery involves an enemy that most agents will have already encountered. An enemy named Hutch is the source of the loot exploit, and he shows up in the Madison Field Hospital mission, which was even one of the few missions available in the open beta.

In order to complete the mission and unlock the Medical Wing, players will face off against Hutch and a squad of baddies on the rooftop of Madison Square Garden. As several agents have now discovered, killing Hutch before he drops down from his starting position on the roof will trigger an unnamed shadow version of Hutch to run out on the rooftop, who not only can be easily killed, but drops all of Hutch’s high profile loot. After securing it, players can let themselves die, respawn on the roof, and repeat the process over and over again in just a minute or two.

Here’s a video of the new Hutch Loot Farm in action:

Excited fans are already calling Hutch “The New Bullet King“, since his unchecked loot table allows gamers to build up a veritable pile of loot in short succession. In any event, it means a lot of gear grinding will occur over the Easter Weekend as players rush in to exploit the loot drop before Ubisoft Massive patches it.

Since the Madison Field Hospital mission takes place so early in the game, it’s feasible for low level players to get in on the loot farming action if they manage to eliminate Hutch before he can drop down. That being said, the best loot comes into effect once players hit the level 30 cap, where Hutch will be more likely to drop high end loot and even Phoenix Credits.

As the video notes, players should be wary of getting in too close to the orange waypoint, as Hutch will drop down from the rooftop and his unnamed shadow replacement won’t spawn with the repeat loot. Players can still take down Hutch, steal his loot, and then let themselves get killed, but doing it with the untitled shadow character is ultimately the fastest route. On a related note, this mission is provides a great opportunity to test out the best build for snipers.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: YouTube