The developers at Ubisoft Massive officially reveal the weekly list of assignments for May 16-22 in the military action-MMO, Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Without a doubt, most of the 9.5 million registered users for Tom Clancy’s The Division are currently taking part in completing the whole list of assignments in the game for this week, as developers recently revealed the tasks for its missions reset. After starting on Monday, May 16 and ending on Sunday, May 22, The Division‘s would-be Agents now have a little less than six calendar days to complete all of the duties, but even though it may not seem like a lot of time to some, it can be done with enough effort.

After providing a hot fix for missing daily missions at the beginning of this month, players shouldn’t have to worry about any of the weekly assignments disappearing, but considering the poor luck fans and developers alike have had with the bevy of bugs and glitches in The Division so far, almost anything’s possible at this point. In any event, Agents will need to have their gear ready for a few seemingly rough and tumble activities ahead.

For this week, players will have to eliminate Rikers in the Dark Zone, collect some much-needed Fabric, kill several named NPCs and more. The full list of assignments are posted below, and can be found at the end of the sixth installment for The Division‘s ongoing video series for its live-action Operation ISAC: Transmissions series.

  • Kill 50 Rikers in the Dark Zone
  • Collect 30 Fabric [ISAC.exe]
  • Kill 10 Named NPCs
  • Complete 10 Main Missions on Hard difficulty

While players of the The Division focus on the assignments for this week, a lot of those fans are almost certainly keeping the forthcoming Update 1.2’s details in the back of their minds. Developers have teased that the patch will bring about some significant changes, among them being an increase to the Phoenix Credit cap, a nerf to the Brutal weapon talent, and lots more. However, no official date for the update has been divulged by Ubisoft.

In any event, this week’s fresh offering of assignments will hopefully keep The Division players satisfied for the time being, at least until the game’s truly sizeable updates come to pass. With any luck, the action-MMO’s upcoming Broken Circle Incursion will not only be released soon, as it’s set to drop sometime this month, but also will launch more smoothly than Falcon Lost did.

What do you think about this week’s list of assignments for Tom Clancy’s The Division? Have you already completed them all, or are you still chipping away at the tasks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft US