The YouTube channel behind The Division Mythbusters releases a new video, testing out a new batch of theories and gameplay glitches in the game’s open world.

Oddities are par for the course in any open world game, and The Division is no exception to the rule. With the game containing so many ways that it can be played, gamers have discovered odd quirks in the title, and one YouTube channel is examining these eccentricities.

YouTube channel DefendTheHouse, which previously created The Division Mythbusters series, has created a new video highlighting some of the strangest theories and myths in The Division. Their efforts to determine the validity behind these myths are at some times odd and in other cases, hilarious, as testing these myths often requires playing The Division in ways it was never designed to be played.

For example, civilians in The Division will act in unexpected ways if the player doesn’t play the way the developers expected them to. In one instance, a civilian in need is killed, but their dead body will still swap food or water with the Agent for an award of EXP and appearance items. It’s also quite amusing to see a rescued civilian inside the Base of Operations appear more annoyed than concerned while a dying Agent is lying at their feet.

Not all of the tested myths and theories are amusing, however. One glitch DefendTheHouse sets out to test is whether or not grenades and other objects can be thrown through aquariums. Although the game’s aquariums have been programmed to explode spectacularly if shot at, the hitbox remains unchanged after they’re destroyed. Unfortunately, this means that it’s not possible to throw grenades or support stations through the seemingly open space, as they just bounce back onto the floor like they’ve hit a solid object.

Massive has been steadily repairing major problems that have affected gameplay, like the bug that deleted The Division Agents. However, it’s unlikely that Massive will fix the majority of the oddities in the game highlighted in this video since they don’t have much impact on regular gameplay.

While most of the quirks in this video are just a byproduct of the way the game was designed, players should be wary of attempting to perform more serious glitches that give players an unfair advantage, like the Police Academy glitch at the end of the video. While Massive Entertainment has already patched this particular glitch, it’s also promised to punish The Division players who are found to be abusing exploits or glitches in order to gain an advantage in the game.

Ranters, what myths from The Division would you like to see this YouTube channel test next? Let us know in the comments.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube