Many players of The Division come forward with reports that the recent 1.3 update has caused one of the game’s most essential skills to not work properly.

The Division‘s 1.3 patch brought a lot of changes, including weapon tweaks and a new Incursion. However, the patch has also apparently broken the Pulse skill, which is an essential tool for playing The Division.

Reports of Pulse not properly displaying all enemies within range started emerging almost immediately following the update. Gamers tested it in multiple areas against NPCs, and even when a set number of enemies were visible and within range, Pulse wouldn’t highlight all of them. Following the numerous reports on Reddit, Ubisoft Massive has now acknowledged the problem and noted that they’re investigating it on their official forums.

While one broken skill may not seem like a big deal to anyone who doesn’t use it or doesn’t play the game, Pulse is a critical component in The Division. In addition to highlighting nearby enemies, the player can unlock areas of their Base of Operations in order to unlock additional abilities for the Pulse skill. For example, once the player unlocks their Base of Operation’s medical wing quarantine upgrade, they unlock Pulse: Tactical Scanner, which is one of the most important skills a solo player in The Division can use.


The Division‘s 1.3 patch offered a lot of new options for players to enjoy, including its first paid DLC, Underground. While players have responded well to the new content, this Pulse glitch isn’t the only problem to hinder the new content. Many gamers reported being unable to access the Underground area despite having purchased the season pass or the individual DLC. Although Massive was on-hand to address the matter and provide temporary solutions, gamers were understandably frustrated at spending money on content they couldn’t access when they were promised they’d be able to.

The good news about the Pulse nerf is that the general outcry has brought it to Massive’s attention. In addition, there isn’t any way for players to use the glitch to give themselves an unfair advantage in the Dark Zone’s PvP fights. However, it remains to be seen how long it will take for Massive to repair this glitch. They don’t have a particularly strong track record of fixing problems in The Division quickly, and until it’s fixed, players who are already dealing with their favorite weapons being nerfed are going to be outputting even less damage due to the broken skill.

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The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, Ubisoft