The Division developer Massive Entertainment releases the full patch notes for Update 1.6, which is sure to have players tweaking and changing their approach to the RPG shooter.

When The Division developers first revealed The Last Stand DLC and Update 1.6 they focused on the new content, which includes a Legendary difficulty for select missions, a new gear set, a new mode, and a new Incursion. What the developers didn’t go into too much detail about, however, was the specific fixes and changes included in 1.6, outside of some general tweaks.

Now that The Division 1.6 is set to go live on the Public Test Server, the time for playing coy is over. Full patch notes for Update 1.6 are now live, and some of the changes should please players, while others may frustrate them.

Developer Massive Entertainment has already teased most of the major changes, but there are some details that fell through the cracks. For example, the Alpha Bridge gear set is receiving a buff that removes all Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics requirements when the 4-piece perk is active. That’s alongside a nerf that removes Alpha Bridge gear’s ability to share all 6 weapon perks when two of the same type are equipped.

Another unexpected, but likely welcome change is the removal of the punishments for dying in the Dark Zone – i.e. the loss of Dark Zone experience and funds. In Update 1.6, if a player dies to any PvE element (basically when they are not rogue), they will not lose any experience or funds.

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The Division is also changing the way resists work in the game, taking it from a percentage chance to ignore the status effect to a time-based application. In other words, now a 10% bleed resist attribute will lessen the time bleed is applied to the player by 10%, instead of giving the player a 10% chance of ignoring bleed.

the division last stand

As far as loot is concerned, The Division is giving players more opportunities to earn new items, and increasing the item drops in certain modes. For example, Underground caches will now guarantee two items instead of one, to bring them on par with the Field Proficiency Caches. Similarly, Survival Caches will now include loot from the entire loot table, instead of being weighted towards new gear. And if you are on the hunt for exotic items, the new name for weapons with unique perks, the Weekly Assignment Cache will guarantee one.

All told, it appears Update 1.6 will introduce enough changes to make the game feel improved and, in some cases, different. PvP players will be happy to know that Massive has put some systems in place to deter hip fire spam, and PvE players will need some time to wrap their minds around the way skillpower works and how things play without armor. But eventually, the game should find a new balance, and hopefully The Last Stand and the new Incursion are fun enough to keep coming back to.

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