Division Update 1.6 Removes Rogue Hiding Spot

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The Division developer Massive Entertainment has made a much needed change to the Dark Zone, eliminating a “cheese spot” for potential Rogue agents. The area, found in Dark Zone 02, used to have only one entry way but Massive has now added two additional routes. The change has gone live with PTS Update 1.6, but it will eventually hit the live game once 1.6 releases for everyone.

Any regular Division player has likely seen a Rogue agent hide in DZ02 using the raised wooden platform. Prior to update 1.6, there was only one way to get up to the platform, a ladder, which made it the perfect pinch point for Rogue agents to hide out, wait for their Manhunt timer to tick down, and reap the rewards.

Now, as can be seen in the video below, Massive has added a set of stairs underneath the platform and a completely new pathway from the back end. What was once a perfect funnel for Rogue hunters is now a very open area that any Rogue would likely avoid.

On the surface, Division eliminating the cheese spot is nothing to write home about, but the fact that the devs changed the environment in the Dark Zone speaks volumes about how they could tweak the experience moving forward. While The Division has added plenty of environments onto its existing frame, this is the first notable time that an environment has been changed. If in the future, for example, the Dark Zone grew even further and added an environment that didn’t “work,” Massive could tweak it.

This also gives hope to those players looking to see the PvE zone in Division change over time. It’s unclear how much time Massive needs to make these types of changes, but there is the potential for a PvE zone makeover now.

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Other major tweaks in Update 1.6 include the much-requested Loadout feature, which will give Division players several slots to create and save different builds. The update also makes some meta game tweaks as well, but no changes to DeadEye have been announced just yet.

Curious Division players that want to see what changes have been made to the game for the next major update can log into the Public Test Server on PC.

The Division Update 1.6 is live on the Public Test Server.

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