The Division Guide: How to Unlock Daily Story Missions & What They Are

The Division Daily Story Mission

While most gamers know by now how different Tom Clancy’s The Division is from a game like Destiny, there are still many ways in which the two titles are similar. Both use a similar color scheme for loot, both have an average-based end game leveling system, and both have weekly and daily missions.

Obviously, daily missions are not unique to Destiny, but they were likely many gamers first encounter with them. However, for The Division, daily missions work a little differently.

The main difference with The Division’s daily missions is that there are three of them available during a given 24-hour period. Players must first reach the soft level cap of 30 in order to unlock them, but once they do the daily story missions should appear on the game’s map of New York City.

In order to identify a daily story mission, one needs to find the main story missions with white borders around their icons. It should be easy to spot since the mission markers will also have their color returned (completed mission markers fade out during the regular progression). But, if all else fails look for the 'Hard' version of a mission and if it says Daily Mission then you know you're in the right place.

As most can guess, the daily story missions are simply more challenging versions of the main game story missions. That means stronger enemies (plenty of elites, almost every enemy has armor) and slightly more aggressive AI behavior. At level 30 it shouldn’t be too hard to contend with the level 30 enemies, but we’d still recommend taking on the missions with a buddy or two.

Upon completion of the daily story missions, players will earn some Superior or High End loot items as well as 15 Phoenix Credits (per mission for a total of 45 per day). Phoenix Credits, as we have previously detailed, is the major end game currency in The Division, and a necessity when it comes to purchasing gear from the Advanced Weapons Vendor or the Dark Zone Advanced Weapons Vendor. But, players will have to grind out a few days worth of Daily Story missions if they want to unlock anything of real value.

The Division Delay Explained

While The Division doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to daily story missions, Ubisoft has been smart about including three per day. That way, players can invest more time in the game even after they hit the soft level cap (some hit level cap in 15 hours), and still earn worthwhile loot.

Ultimately, though, completing these daily missions will put players on the path towards the real end game, which we know now to be called Incursions. These raid-like events will seemingly test the mettle of a 4-player team and hopefully offer new gameplay opportunities as well. More importantly, Division players hope that Incursions will include their own tier of loot, much in the same way Destiny’s raids do. We will have to wait until April to find out.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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