Newcomers to Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s Underground DLC will want to follow this helpful tip in order to farm loot as quickly as possible with a little bit of planning.

Anyone who has played Tom Clancy’s The Division will agree that the goal to most experiences is getting better loot as quickly as possible. Not every source of loot has been entirely legit in The Division, but there are a few new ones added with the Underground DLC that have become go-to sources. More specifically, there is a loot farming run called ‘The Four Horsemen’ that seems to be the fastest and best source for loot at the moment.

The Division players (specifically Xbox and PC players) that have spent some time with the new Dragon’s Nest Incursion likely know The Four Horsemen all too well. These four cleaners serve as mid-bosses for the endgame activity, throwing down with players in a parking lot early on.

However, what makes these four cleaners so special is that each counts as an end-game boss, and therefore they can drop some high gear score loot. What’s more, getting to and defeating these bosses is fairly easy; it should only take about 6 minutes to complete a run once players have a good handle on the strategy.

How to Prepare for Dragon’s Nest

Because Dragon’s Nest features the cleaners, Division teams will want to prioritize damage resistance as much as possible. Anything that protects against fire and disorientation will help, but the go-to method right now is using the Support Station with the Immunizer mod. That way, the entire group can huddle around the Support Station for protection.

division dragons nest incursion guide

Alongside that, most strategies recommend at least one player run with a high Skill Power build, so that their Smart Cover doles out the most damage resistance and damage boosts. Anything that buffs the team’s damage will do the trick – i.e. Pulse or the Booster Shot heal – but at least one player needs to use Smart Cover, and preferably the teammate with the highest Skill Power.

Beating the Four Horsemen Easily

Once the team is properly coordinated, the focus should be on getting to the parking lot and making preparations. Regular thugs will spawn at first so make sure to clear them out, and then get ready for the first Horseman to appear.

Now, here is where strategies differ. Some recommend that the team take each Horseman out as they appear, but that may not always be viable. Depending on the team make-up and skill level, there will be some who are overwhelmed by the additional enemies that spawn with each Horseman kill.

For those groups, we recommend witling down the heath of each Horseman and then using a coordinated attack to take them all out at once. Pop the Tactical Link Signature Skill and use the Smart Cover for extra damage and wipe out the entire boss group in one go. It’s a riskier strategy because it keeps the four bosses alive, but it also eliminates many of the spawning enemies.

If done right the Four Horsemen run should generate plenty of loot for players, both high ends and gear sets. Division developer Massive claims that the run isn’t as rewarding as completing the full Dragon’s Nest Incursion, but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case. The only difference is that the drops are random (in terms of their gear score) with the Four Horseman, whereas beating the Incursion has guaranteed drops.

Although Massive has taken steps to improve the drops in the Underground, there is still a famine when it comes to new gear. But those who are just now diving into the Underground DLC on PS4 should know that the Four Horsemen farm is a great place to start.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Underground is out now for all platforms.

Source: Division Zone