The latest instance of DLC for Tom Clancy’s The Division known as Underground encounters multiple issues on both the PC and Xbox One platforms upon its release.

After Ubisoft Massive developers released Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s full patch notes for Update 1.3 yesterday in preparation for it’s first bit of paid DLC, Underground, some players looking to experience the expansion’s sizable additions have been reporting an inability to access the content, and have revealed their encounters with connectivity issues as well. Unfortunately, such problems are cropping up on both the PC and Xbox One versions of The Division, as Update 1.3 and the Underground DLC only launched for those platforms today, with the patch coming next week and the expansion dropping on August 2 for PlayStation 4.

Although it seems as if the issues haven’t been fully resolved as of writing, Ubisoft Massive’s developers have provided some workaround instructions for several of the problems, as it continues to investigate why players are experiencing connectivity issues. As seen in the tweets below, should fans of The Division on PC and Xbox One have come across the difficulty of not being able to access the Underground DLC’s content, these suggestions ought to provide a temporary solution until an official one is offered.

[XBox] Season Pass: make sure to unlock the DLC in the In-game store. Click purchase and the game will detect that you own the season pass
— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) June 28, 2016

[PC] If you can't access the Underground content, please restart your Uplay client— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) June 28, 2016

If Underground is shown as “Offline” in-game, make sure to complete the Secure Quarantine Center side mission shown on your Map— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) June 28, 2016

We are aware of an issue on PC where the Underground DLC will not show as Owned despite owning the Season Pass. This is being worked on.
— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) June 28, 2016

[PC] The issue where Underground would not be shown as Owned when owning the Season Pass should now be fixed. Make sure to restart the game— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) June 28, 2016

Delta error 20001082 & extended waiting queues: these connectivity issues are under investigation— The Division (@TheDivisionGame) June 28, 2016

As many fans of The Division are probably aware, these are simply the latest problems in a long string of errors with the game since its launch. For instance, just recently, when Ubisoft Massive put out Update 1.2 in May of this year, developers had to respond to a veritable laundry list of bugs, glitches, and exploits cropping up all throughout the title. As a matter of fact, one of the most glaring issues came from the game deleting players’ characters completely.

Furthermore, after patch 1.2 had become available for The Division, some subsequent scheduled maintenance for the update essentially failed, resulting in the challenge mode for the Clear Sky Incursion to be delayed. Naturally, the game’s servers had to be taken down for unscheduled repairs in order for the situation to be resolved.


For those unaware, once fans gain access to The Division‘s Underground expansion, players will have  new gear sets at their fingertips, be able to experience a new raid called Dragon’s Nest, and be given fresh areas to explore that supposedly provide “endless replayability.” Apparently, Ubisoft has managed to pull this off by introducing what is ostensibly randomly generated dungeons.

In any event, with The Division‘s Underground DLC being just another example of an update gone awry for the action-RPG, fans might need to steer clear of purchasing the content on its own for the time being, at least until the developers at Ubisoft Massive manage to provide a stable fix for all of the problems. Of course, if some players have already purchased the title’s $40 Season Pass, all they can do is hope that the forthcoming expansions of Survival and Last Stand don’t have the same complications upon their release.

What do you think about The Division‘s Underground DLC causing problems for fans? Were you one of the players who encountered issues with the game’s update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Division – Twitter (via GameSpot)