The Division developers Massive Entertainment reveal that a fix for the new UI bug should hit before the end of the week on PC and PS4, and early next week on Xbox.

Although the studio just launched its major May update for the Division, Massive Entertainment is always working to improve its online experience. This week, the developer detailed more fixes that it is currently working on, including one improvement that should hit within the next few days.

In total, Massive revealed a handful of bugs that have hit The Division since the release of Update 1.2 – some that it is working on a fix for, some it is currently investigating, and some that should soon be gone. The most problematic of those bugs, an issue with the game UI, is reportedly even getting fixed before the end of the week (on PS4 and PC).

For those that might not be aware, the double UI bug essentially creates a second layer to the UI and prevents Division players from performing certain actions. It also introduces a ton of lag into menu navigation, making it so the map cursor is sluggish to respond to player inputs.

According to Massive, this Division bug is the result of a player joining another player’s instance. Essentially, by joining someone else’s game, these players are creating two UIs on top of each other, which is then making it harder to navigate.

As far as the fix is concerned, the developers say that one should be deployed by the end of the week. Considering it is Thursday, however, it’s unclear if they mean the business week or the actual week. It could be as late as Sunday that a patch deploys, but hopefully sooner.


The UI bug might not seem like a major issue, but lag in an online game can cause huge problems when in the middle action. Trying to switch gear in the middle of the new Clear Sky Incursion, for example, is not as easy when the bug is causing trouble.

Unfortunately, the “end of the week” release window for the fix only pertains to the PC and PS4 versions. Apparently the Xbox One patch is set to release early next week. No firm reason was given for the disparity in releases, but Massive said it has something to do with the way each platform handles patches.

Overall, though, it appears The Division update has been met with a positive response from diehard fans. The new Dark Zone bracket has introduced a more challenging PvP experience, where the higher level bosses are not simply pushovers, and the new Incursion, while potentially easy to complete, is a good source for farming top tier loot.

So hopefully once Massive clears up some of these nagging bugs, like the daily story missions disappearing, then things will progress along nicely.

The Division Update 1.2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.