Retail company GameStop uses Imgur to promote the upcoming release of The Division, allowing gamers to click their way through a ‘choose your own adventure’ sequence of pages.

When it comes to coming up with unique ways to promote a game, GameStop is certainly on point: the retailer has made a choose your own adventure story for The Division on Imgur, a popular image hosting service. By clicking through a series of links via image captions, fans of The Division can go play through three missions, and even click through several tutorial-like descriptions of gameplay elements as well.

While the image-based missions are admittedly short, the images do manage to show off plenty of gameplay mechanics that can be found in the Midtown Manhattan area, and we have to imagine this promo campaign was very easy on the budget for the company behind it. While Imgur does provide free image hosting, it’s evident GameStop did splash some cash to get Imgur to push the images as promoted content.

Those interested in checking out the promotion can head to the Imgur starting page here (mobile users, click here instead).


Our favorite string of bad decisions was probably in the second mission, where you can run away from the introductory fight, watch The Cleaners faction horribly set an entire family aflame while you cower behind a concrete barrier, and somehow then go on to take out a group of looters using only a knife. Mission accomplished, right? We’re sure others went through the ‘Choose Your Misadventure’ sequence in a more karma-friendly manner.

Ubisoft recently had a little misadventure of their own, revealing that review copies of the game would not be available prior to the game’s release. While that’s unfortunate, it’s not a bad omen for the game itself, which has already featured a massive open beta that drew in 6.4 million gamers. Gamers can hold tight for our own upcoming review of the game if they’re concerned about the quality behind the title.

Those who pre-order The Division via GameStop get a unique hazmat suit, as well as a P416 assault rifle and a Go Bag which features increased resistance to toxic damage. Those eying an Xbox One console itself can also enter a competition to win a sleek The Division style Xbox One, which would also mean the lucky winner would be on the front line to experience the game’s upcoming downloadable content.

What do you think about the GameStop promotion, Ranters?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is scheduled to launch on March 8 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Imgur