During a recent ‘State of Game’ Twitch stream, community developer Hamish Bode reveals that changes are coming to division tech in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Although it wasn’t initially something Ubisoft focused on heavily in the months leading up to release, crafting is still an important component of Tom Clancy’s The Division. However, when it comes to crafting top tier gear – specifically high-end, item level 31 items – there are some bottlenecks. One in particular, division tech, has been giving players numerous headaches.

The good news, though, is that Ubisoft plans on addressing the division tech bottleneck at some point soon. The developers wouldn’t say when or how they will, but this should be welcome news for all Division players.

For those who might not be as deep into Tom Clancy’s The Division, division tech is one of numerous crafting materials in the game. These materials are used to make both gear and weapons, and most blueprints require between 3-5 of at least two different types of materials. Dark Zone blueprints are the one exception in that they require those two crafting materials, as well as division tech.

However, while most of the basic crafting materials can be found around the map, procured from breaking down unwanted gear, or crafted upwards from lower level materials, division tech is a little different. What makes division tech unique is that it can only be found in two places: from named bosses and in chests found in the Dark Zone.

Things become problematic when those chests have a 2-hour cooldown and they are not guaranteed to reward high-end division tech. Not to mention, there is currently no way to upgrade green or blue division tech into gold division tech.

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Needless to say, the implementation of division tech has become a major source of frustration for Division players. They have hoped that Ubisoft would issue a solution but up until today it seemed as if one wasn’t coming. Massive Entertainment Community Developer Hamish Bode said that division tech was meant to be a rare resource and that the material was working as intended. That was even as more players complained and proposed new solutions for fixing the division tech problem.

So, the good news is that some form of division tech change is on the way, and it will likely make acquiring the material easier. As far as whether it will meet player expectations is unclear, but anything that improves gamers’ perceptions of the game is important.

For The Division, while the release was three weeks ago, we are still very much in the beginning of the game’s life cycle. With an RPG shooter like this, community is extremely important, as is keeping those individuals happy and satisfied. Without reasons to return, it’s likely they will turn elsewhere.

It may be small like a change to division tech, or it may be large, like a 4-player raid and new gear set items, but things need to continuously evolve. And thus far Ubisoft has done a solid job of keeping players abreast of changes and fixing things when need be.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.