Division Glitch Unlocks All Talents on One Weapon

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Glitches are bound to hit even the best of games, but some are far stranger than others. Recently, a group of gamers witnessed unusual kill capabilities in Tom Clancy's The Division, in which multiple opponents were taken out with only a handful of shots. One player dug a little deeper and found a glitch in The Division that unlocked and showed active the entirety of the game's talent list on one weapon.

Reddit user insane_metal posted to a Division forum explaining how the glitch was uncovered. Reportedly, over the past few days, players weren't surviving as long inside the game. A few bullets would destroy them completely, and one even noted that a whole team was eliminated with just a single magazine. "A few friends said the last few days they're getting killed by just a few shots," insane_metal explained. "One of them said a dude killed his whole team on LS with one magazine."

That same player looked into the Recalibration Station, "estação de reajustes" in the player's apparent native Portuguese, and found that every last available talent was unlocked on the selected weapon. According to insane_metal, the gamer in question took a screenshot of the inventory menu and shared a video to a closed Facebook group "of said weapon showing all talents active." An edited version of the original Reddit post features both the screenshot and a link to the video evidence that was recaptured by insane_metal.

The response to this new glitch has been of general confusion and slight dismay. One Reddit user mentioned that they "really hope this isn't true" because, in the past, The Division's user base "has shown that the majority cannot resist using exploits even though it ruins the gaming experience." Another player agreed, saying that the game has "been rife with exploits since day one."

On the other hand, some fans have experienced the devastation the glitch can bring in-game, and are somewhat thankful that an explanation has been given. "I think it's true," one player said. "I was playing Last Stand about a week ago and got two shouted from about 200 feet away from an mp5, I had to do a double take. The guy was melting people all game, but that one kill he had on me from extreme distance with an SMG really stood out as something which might be fishy and this would explain it."

Additionally, others have commented that the all-talents-unlocked error provides an answer to their in-game worries. "This exact thing happened to me the other day a few matches in a row," another Division fan explained. "I was beginning to think I had somehow lost all my skill." Many are hoping a fix will come in the next update.

Thankfully for those worried players, a solution may actually be on the horizon. One Reddit user stated that, according to The Division's community developer Hamish Bode, the dev team is aware of the bug and are actively investigating. Allegedly, this information was shared on Bode's Twitch stream. The commenter stated that Bode "personally has not yet seen evidence of the bug being used" and that it is "possibly just a UI bug."

Wherever the glitch originated and however players are using it to their advantage, many can agree that an amendment should be enacted. Some even believe that The Division team should permanently ban cheaters using glitches and exploits to gain an edge in the game.

While some may argue that it's an overreach in terms of reprimands, it wouldn't be the first instance of a company striking down on those skirting around the rules to get ahead. Blizzard Entertainment put its foot down and banned 1500 Overwatch players in its first week post-release alone. Only time will tell if a ban is in order alongside a scrubbing away of The Division's unusual glitch.

Tom Clancy's The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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