When Ubisoft announced earlier this week that Massive would be working on a new Avatar game with Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox, many gamers wondered about the future of Massive’s other release, Tom Clancy’s The Division. Now, Ubisoft has settled some of those worries by confirming that a completely different team will develop Avatar, and that Massive will continue to support The Division.

Ubisoft submitted a statement to Eurogamer on the subject, detailing how the two teams will be separate, and how Massive is currently hiring new employees to help with the Avatar title so as not to disturb The Division’s ongoing support.

Ubisoft said:

“Avatar is a new project with its own dedicated team and Massive is currently recruiting top talent to work on it. Avatar’s development has no impact on the team working on The Division or on our plans to continually support and update the game and brand for the long term.”

division last stand

The Division players have been worried for some time that Massive would walk away from the game upon the release of the third and final announced expansion, Last Stand. Some gamers have speculated that after a year of turmoil, the developer would call it quits and move on to its next project. For some, the announcement of Avatar was a confirmation of this fear.

However, it seems Ubisoft still has quite a few plans for The Division. While nothing has been announced for The Division’s second year yet, Ubisoft’s statement teased that information will be coming soon.

“We’re proud of what the team has accomplished with The Division, thankful for our community’s dedication, and looking forward to sharing more about what’s coming next for the game very soon.”

The Division players will be happy about this update from Ubisoft as it means there will hopefully be new content on the horizon for the game. Hopefully The Division will yet receive new areas, story missions, and activities.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.