The Division Has a Shaun of the Dead Easter Egg

The Division Has a Shaun of the Dead Easter Egg - Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead cricket bat

YouTuber The Game Brains discovers a reference to the fence-hopping scene from Shaun of the Dead hidden in the closed beta for Tom Clancy's The Division.

Even though Tom Clancy's The Division just started its Xbox One beta today, fans are already discovering Easter Eggs in the game. One such Easter Egg is a reference to the 2004 cult horror-comedy hit Shaun of the Dead, and its comedic fence-hopping scene.

Moviegoers may recall a scene in Shaun of the Dead where the main character, the titular Shaun, suggests that the cast hop fences in order to cut through some yards and steer clear of zombies. One character is hesitant about taking this particular route, and Shaun replies, "What's the matter, David? Never taken a shortcut before?" Shaun's subsequent attempt to jump the fence causes it to topple over, and him to crash to the ground.

As it turns out, a couple of characters exploring the Dark Zone in The Division experienced a similar situation. Players are able to see the holograms of the two characters, as well as the broken fence, and can hear the audio play, "What's the matter, Debra? Never taken a shortcut before?"

The character that unsuccessfully attempts to jump over the fence in The Division even has the same name as Shaun. Players are able to read little blurbs of information about characters in The Division, and from Shaun's blurb we learn that he is a professional slacker and he failed high school physical education.


The open world nature of The Division means that it's likely filled with plenty more pop culture references and Easter Eggs. This is certainly not uncommon for open world games, with one recent example that springs to mind being the Cheers bar found in Fallout 4. That being said, it is somewhat odd for these references to be found during a game's beta phase.

What this means is that there's probably a lot more to discover hidden away in the full version of The Division. Players will be able to explore a large portion of Manhattan in The Division, with other New York boroughs potentially added as well. It's possible that the game's map will be further expanded in one of the three expansion packs coming as part of The Division's season pass, which would add even more areas to stuff full of Easter Eggs.

For those that want to see the Shaun of the Dead reference in The Division for themselves, or just play The Division's beta in general, there's still time to get in. Pre-ordering the game will give players guaranteed beta access, and there's also a chance to receive an invite to join just by signing up on the game's official website. PC and PS4 gamers will have a chance to play starting tomorrow, and thanks to Ubisoft allowing The Division beta to be pre-loaded, those gamers can start downloading today and be in as soon as it starts. The Division's beta will come to a close on January 31st, so play while you can.

Tom Clancy's The Division will be available on March 8th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Game Brains

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