A new, easily accessible exploit has been discovered in The Division that is causing a stir within the community. Players are able to swap out a certain weapon attachment in a very specific way that stacks RPM and critical hit chance. This leads to weapons that fire extremely fast and do extremely high amounts of damage that doesn’t drop off. Massive has been notified and has commented on the situation, but has yet to publish a fix.

The exploit was showcased in a YouTube video from KATAIR Gaming, but Massive caught wind of it on The Division‘s subreddit. That’s also where Yannick Banchereau, Senior Community Developer at Massive Entertainment, made the following comment:

“We are aware of this glitch and are trying to have a quick fix put together.

In the meantime, know that using this glitch IS considered an exploit and actions will be taken against abusers.”

Further updates on the issue have yet to be provided by Banchereau in the hours since his initial post.

Banchereau’s comments are unlikely to assuage concerns, however, despite the threat of a ban for using the exploit. The Reddit thread isn’t particularly active, but the YouTube video has already been seen by over 20,000 people. And that’s not taking into account just how long the exploit has been active without wide community awareness. Hopefully Massive Entertainment is able to upload a hotfix soon.

As for specifics regarding the exploit, KATAIR Gaming shows it in detail. She equips an Assault Rifle with all attachments slotted and saves her Lone Star profile. Then she removes the magazine attachment from her gun and places it in her stash. With the magazine slot empty in her gun, she loads up her Tactician loadout and then switches back to Lone Star.

For whatever reason, the Lone Star profile will still act like the player has their stashed magazine attachment equipped stat-wise. The player can then equip another magazine, stacking magazine stats, and then repeat the process.

KATAIR doesn’t clarify every detail regarding the latest Division exploit. It’s not clear if only Assault Rifles work, or if magazines can be taken out of the stash and used over again. But those are details for Massive to solve.

Players have enough to worry about knowing how easily this exploit can be done. Massive is all but certain to have the exploit fixed in a reasonable amount of time, but it’s never fun to have to deal with exploits in an online game before they’re fixed.

The Division is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit