In a new trailer, Ubisoft outlines their plans for the first year of content updates for The Division along with what players can expect in the season pass.

It’s been a long time in the making but after a number of wildly successful beta tests, Tom Clancy’s The Division is just a few days away from finally launching. Post-launch content has been on the minds of fans lately, especially after a somewhat vague description for each of the season pass expansions was released last month. After a lot of fan speculation, Ubisoft has finally put all of their cards on the table and revealed what players can expect to see in the first year of The Division.

As expected, The Division plans to have a good mix of both free and paid updates, and the first five months alone will see a big influx of content intended to keep players engaged as they wait for the more meaty paid DLC offerings to arrive. Things kick off in April as a free update called Incursions introduces a new endgame event intended for squad-based play. This is followed by another free update in May known as Conflict that will be centered around the Dark Zone PvP areas while also introducing another endgame incursion mission at the iconic Columbus Circle.

The first major expansion known as Underground is planned for a June release and tasks players with stopping enemies from regrouping in the twisting tunnels, sewers, and subway rails of Manhattan. Expansion II, Survival, is scheduled for a summer release and teases the idea that resources are running low, testing players to see if they’ll remain unified or go rogue. The final expansion called Last Stand is due out sometime in the winter, and appears to be some sort of horde based expansion as players are instructed to hold the line and defend against a relentless foe.

Ubisoft also mentioned that players will have access to a discount on the three main expansions, as well as the ability to unlock a number of goodies and in-game items as well including a special sawed-off shotgun, regular content drops which can be nabbed from the Special Rewards Vendor, season pass bonus events, and bonus outfits such as these gear sets. Creative director Julian Gerighty also confirmed new features would be added to the game such as item trading, daily assignments, new gear sets, challenge mode and Dark Zone events.

While the descriptions are still somewhat vague, especially for the latter two expansions, it’s good to see that Ubisoft is showing their hand and letting players see what is coming for The Division, especially when it’s a game that thrives on a strong social community. Destiny, a similar game in this genre, is unfortunately going through the opposite effect at the moment as players are desperately craving new information for what’s coming, but the developer, Bungie, isn’t talking quite yet. When you couple that with the fact that the unannounced sequel has already been delayed into 2017, many fans like tripleWRECK have begun to share their frustrations at the situation.

Are you planning on dropping in to save New York when The Division launches next week or are you still in a wait and see mode? Let us know your thoughts down int he comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division launches on March 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.