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Massive Entertainment has big plans for Tom Clancy’s The Division Year 2, including new events that will challenge and reward players for completing feats in the game. The Division creative director, Julian Gerighty, shared some details about these new events with Game Rant earlier today.

According to Gerighty, these events will be a part of two free expansions coming this year, and will offer players new ways to enjoy the content currently available in The Division. Rewards will be offered as players participate and complete tasks. Players can also earn rewards based on competitions happening around the events. Gerighty said:

“One of the biggest pieces of new content is an events structure, which will reward players for participation, completion, and completion within a playlist of activities that have a modifier. Basically, taking a set number of activities within the game and adding a spin to them that makes players see them in a whole different light and play them in a whole different way.”

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Gerighty made a point to mention these events will be focused around PvE. While he didn’t provide any details about which PvE activities will be included, he did say the team at Massive wants to make these competitions and events available to as many players as possible. This means focusing the activities around the PvE content of the game rather than PvP. That said, he also said the team hasn’t ruled out incorporating events into The Division’s PvP activities. Gerighty said:

“This is really PvE focused, at least at the beginning. We may open it up to more activities afterwards, but at the beginning we really want to use all of the activities that are open to everybody. It’s a free update, a free expansion, it really is delivering more activities to the greatest number of players in the community.”

Among the rewards available for participating in and completing these events are new vanity items that can only be obtained by achieving certain feats in The Division. The purpose behind these vanity items, according to Gerighty, is to give players a way to show off their accomplishments in the game. While these vanity items won’t give players a competitive edge, they will provide them with a way to stand out from the crowd.

More information will be coming during a special livestream event on The Division’s official Twitch channel. During the livestream, Massive will also discuss the upcoming loadouts in The Division, as well as the two free expansions coming this next year for The Division.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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