The developers at Ubisoft Massive implement a client patch for its action-RPG Tom Clancy’s The Division that provides a fix to the game’s pulse ability bug.

As declared by Ubisoft Massive yesterday with a State of the Game post for Tom Clancy’s The Division, the studio said that a patch was in the works to fix the myriad problems fans had been encountering ever since the open world title received the contents of Update 1.3. Now, it seems as if the game’s developers are slowly working toward checking off every known issue on the list, for during a three hour server maintenance session earlier today, Ubisoft Massive rectified the problem would-be Agents had with the Pulse skill not working properly.

While this is good news for players who rely on the ability to scan the area for enemies, there are still plenty of other issues that remain in The Division, as the only other fix that the latest patch provides is one that stops bosses from spawning on top of vehicles. For those unaware of the problem, now bosses’ loot drops won’t be inaccessible when they are killed.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft Massive’s team have not yet provided a time frame for when The Division players should expect all of Update 1.3’s most glaring problems to be eliminated. With this being the case, even though two major bugs have been taken care of, some fans have reported that the patch hasn’t done enough, as it’s still a struggle to play the base game with some map issues remaining persistent.


As many fans of The Division are more than likely aware at this point, Ubisoft Massive’s third-person shooter has encountered loads of problems after its launch earlier this year. As a matter of fact, aside from all of the errors Update 1.3 has given fans, when the studio officially put out the first instance of a paid expansion with the Underground DLC, its release encountered issues on both PC and Xbox One platforms, rendering some players unable to access the title itself.

Taking all of this into consideration, with Ubisoft Massive having plans to release even more updates and paid DLC for The Division later this year, a lot of fans may eventually hold off on playing the title and could abstain from purchasing the add-ons of the Survival expansion and Last Stand until all of the game’s bugs and glitches get fixed. That said, should the next update from developers end up causing just as many problems alongside the repairs like with Update 1.3, not many would blame some fans of The Division if they wash their hands of the game completely.

What’s your take on The Division‘s seemingly constant state of being suffused with bugs and glitches? Have you encountered a problem in the game that needs fixing? If so, you can report it on the title’s official forums right here.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7