The latest PTS is now available for Tom Clancy’s The Division, and already the test servers are experiencing some comical challenges. As discovered by a handful of The Division players, the stat rolls on the gear in game are reaching extraordinary heights when players recalibrate their gear.

For those new to The Division, players are able to recalibrate one stat on regular gear pieces, and two stats on the new Classified Gear sets. This allows players to make minor adjustments to their gear in order to maximize the total setup they want in-game. Unfortunately, the latest PTS update is allowing players to go well beyond the normal bounds of stat limits, giving many of them god-like abilities.

For the most part, it seems most of the stat glitches are simple UI bugs, meaning players aren’t actually getting 133,000 percent improvements with their skills. When players use these skills, the astronomical improvement doesn’t register. That said, some players are reporting that there are a couple stat recalibrations that are allowing them to get double or triple the normal stat amounts, and are able to use those new stats to dominate NPCs and other players in the game.

Division high stat rolls

This latest round of bugs is a bit unfortunate for developer Massive Entertainment, as it may mean having to add an additional week of PTS testing in order to iron out any issues within the game. PTS players were supposed to be focused on the first Global Event in The Division so Massive could gather feedback about how the new game mode works. Sadly, it seems many players are spending their time recalibrating their gear in an effort to stack stats and wreck other players than testing out new features.

Those who have been playing The Division for any length of time know that this isn’t the first time the shooter has experienced serious bugs and glitches. Ever since the first update to the game more than a year ago, glitches and issues have plagued The Division, and with every fix comes a handful of additional problems that frustrate players and lock up Massive’s time and efforts.

Hopefully Massive will be able to fix this current issue quickly, so PTS players can get back to focusing on the features they’re meant to be testing. With the highly-anticipated 1.7 update on the horizon, and plenty of new games set to come out in the coming months, The Division needs to deliver in a big way with the next patch, or risk losing what player base the game has left.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit