This weekend, players who log in to The Division will receive a gift of 150 Phoenix Credits — which might cause problems for anyone nearing the limit of 1000.

It’s no secret that The Division has suffered from an outbreak of cheaters since it launched back in March. This weekend, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will make a peace offering to players to make up for recent issues — but it might cause further problems without a little preparation beforehand.

This weekend, players who log on to The Division will receive 150 Phoenix Credits as compensation for the bugs and glitches currently affecting the game. However, there’s an in-game cap that means operatives can only hold 1000 Phoenix Credits at any given time.

In a best case scenario, this means that anyone with more than 850 Phoenix Credits when the bonus currency is applied will waste some of their bounty. However, it could be worse — a post on Reddit suggests that players exceeding the limit might suffer server problems that will lock them out of the game until a fix is applied.

The takeaway is that anyone planning to take advantage of the free Phoenix Credits should make sure they’re holding 850 or less by the time the weekend rolls around. The Game Rant guide to the currency should give you all the information you need to help spend any overage wisely.

Division Phoenix Credit Patch Delay

Phoenix Credits are used to buy blueprints, weapons and gear, and they’re only available to players who have passed the threshold of level 30. Killing named enemies is one of the best ways to farm the currency, but even then you’re only going to get a maximum of five per adversary — which demonstrates the appeal of getting 150 for free from Ubisoft.

At launch, the game was actually much more generous with its Phoenix Credits, but a patch tightened things up just a few days after its release. Given the currency’s importance to endgame progression, it’s sure to be a major focus in terms of overall balance going forward.

Indeed, the future of The Division seems rather unclear at this point. Despite being doused with critical praise upon its release, the rapid discovery of a number of exploits has taken some of the shine off the experience for many players.

An online game like this is all about a constantly evolving experience, and it’s crucial that the team at Ubisoft Massive can roll with the punches and continue to tweak as necessary. There are still plenty of players committed to The Division — but that might change if things are tightened up sooner rather than later.

The Division is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Reddit