Community Developer on Hamish Bode reveals that a future patch for Tom Clancy’s The Division will address weapon balance, but would not say when it will release.

Ask most gamers and they will tell you that any multiplayer experience is only as good as its road map. Sure, the content in front of players is enticing and it keeps them coming back, but it is the future content that will fuel that investment. It’s a lesson that Tom Clancy’s The Division is just in the process of learning.

As far as that road map is concerned, Tom Clancy’s The Division has already made most of its long-term plans known. The game is set to receive a series of substantial updates, both to the PvE and PvP elements.

However, what is on most gamers’ minds are the immediate changes, which they hope are coming sooner than later. Good news: it sounds like at least one major change is headed to Tom Clancy’s The Division soon.

During a recent Twitch stream, in which the Massive Entertainment community managers play The Division and engage with the chat, Community Developer Hamish Bode revealed that a weapon balance patch is in the works. Bode would not say when the patch will release, but the fact he is able to talk about it suggests the patch is on the horizon.

If we were to take a wild guess, the most likely launch for the patch is an upcoming Thursday, which is the new server maintenance day for The Division. It might be a little too crazy to say the weapon balance patch hits this Thursday, but players are hoping some sort of update will release this week – something that addresses some of the bugs, glitches, and malfunctioning gear perks.

Bode also would not say what types of balance changes might hit with the patch, but The Division players have their sneaking suspicions. SMGs and Marksman Rifles have been the go-to weapon classes for Division players, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see either of them get a nerf.

The Division LMB

On the flip side, shotguns and auto rifles have been less sought after in some circles, so a buff for those weapon classes might be in order. The hope, though, is that the shotgun buff doesn’t work on AI opponents, who are already dominant with the weapon type.

The last time Massive and Ubisoft touched weapon balance in The Division it was to address a few overpowered weapons, specifically the Midas submachine gun. However, once Massive did so, the Midas went from top of the class to an afterthought. Hopefully that same situation doesn’t occur with other weapons, as it would be a real shame to see players’ favorites become obsolete.

For now this is obviously just speculation, but Massive should share more about the patch soon. The studio will also likely say more about the second Division Incursion, which is supposed to hit next month.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitch