Ubisoft releases a web-based simulator for The Division called Collapse, which gives players an idea on how a weaponized virus can spread, and how quickly society can collapse.

As exciting as The Division‘s gameplay looks, the title’s intriguing post-apocalyptic premise is proving to be one of the game’s most exciting features. With just a couple of weeks until gamers are able to freely roam The Division‘s virus-ravaged version of New York city, Ubisoft has decided to get some buzz going by releasing a web-based simulator that demonstrates how quickly a weaponized virus can spread.

Titled Collapse, Ubisoft’s new web-based simulator takes inspiration from The Division‘s post-apocalyptic scenario, and gives players a realistic look on how the outbreak of a virus can result in the collapse of society. Players can enter a real-life address – their own included – and using data from Street Map, NASA, and IATA flight routes Collapse then simulates just how quickly things turn chaotic as a hypothetical virus spreads through the player’s chosen city.

Starting with patient zero – represented by the player – events in Collapse will play out in real locations such as shops and hospitals, and every decision made by the player will affect how the virus spreads and how society reacts to the outbreak. With the incorporation of over 3,800 real-life cities and stacks of real-world data, it’s hard to deny that Collapse brings forth a weird mixture of entertainment, terror, and morbid curiosity as players can witness first-hand just how realistically – and quickly – their actions can result in the collapse of society.

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When other companies have been promoting their upcoming games with action figures, Collapse is probably one of the more inventive promotional tie-ins seen in recent years. Much like how the Fallout Shelter tie-in managed to generate buzz for Fallout 4 despite being a standalone title, Collapse is a creative way to generate buzz for The Division despite having no real relation or connection to the game.

If The Division‘s recent story trailers are anything to go by, it appears that the game places as much emphasis on rebuilding a post-apocalyptic New York City as it does on its much touted PvP Dark Zone mechanic. As players are anxiously counting down that days before The Division‘s launch in March, those looking to get their post-apocalyptic fix should consider taking a look at Collapse right here. It may not look anywhere near as beautiful as The Division does, but it should definitely keep gamers preoccupied until March comes.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is set for launch on March 8, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: VG24/7