An image posted by Xbox Italy on its official Facebook page appears to suggest that Ubisoft MMO The Division will be getting an open beta later this month.

With Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division being one of the year’s most highly anticipated titles, fans on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 have been making the most of the game’s closed beta. Although the beta offers a small slice of gameplay, Ubisoft recently extended the tests by a day so that players would have as much of a chance to explore as possible. And now it appears players will get even more time with the game ahead of release, as a second, open beta is now rumored.

In a post on the Xbox Italy Facebook page, which noted other upcoming Xbox releases (such as Unravel and the Homefront: The Revolution beta), the company makes mention of an open beta for The Division‘s. According to the post, which has since been deleted, The Division beta will begin on February 16 and will conclude on February 21. And as was the case with the game’s closed beta, Xbox One players will be granted 24 hours of exclusive access in the open beta.

While the dates and the beta’s existence have yet to be confirmed by Ubisoft, an open beta would make sense. The initial closed beta has been so popular that Ubisoft was recently forced to limit beta access and those on the game’s wait list were told that the company could no longer guarantee entry.

Understandably, many would-be beta testers were disappointed, especially once they discovered people were using an exploit to gain access without pre-ordering. If it is real, though, an open beta would give these locked-out players another chance to get into the game.

The Division open beta Xbox Italy leak

Moreover, an open beta would give the development team even more time to stress test the game. Recently, it was revealed that over 10,000 bugs had been fixed between the The Division’s alpha testing in December and the current round of beta testing, but there is still work to be done. Recent reports also suggest that the PC version of the game can be easily hacked, with players taking advantage of glitches to make them move so fast that the game can’t keep up, thus rendering them invisible.

The open beta would also give Ubisoft a chance to properly stress test the game. If The Division proves to be as popular at launch as it has been during this closed beta period then it’s entirely possible the game’s servers may struggle. Server issues could be devastating for a connected game like this and so fans will hope that two rounds of beta are enough to see things run smoothly.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is due to launch on March 8th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer