Division ETF Member Teases New Content Coming Soon


The current Elite Task Force – or ETF as it’s better known – for Tom Clancy’s The Division is still in full swing, and gamers are anxiously awaiting updates from ETF attendees about what’s coming to the open-world shooter. Fortunately, one ETF member revealed a bit of information that has many in The Division community cautiously excited: there’s new content coming.

The ETF attendee, who goes by morganamp on Reddit, shared via the online forum that they had a chance to play the new content coming to The Division, and that it’s “New content that you have not seen before. Not rehashed existing content.”

Naturally, such a claim is enough to get many fans of The Division pumped for what’s coming, but most remain weary of what exactly the new content is and how much gameplay it will provide. Those who have been a part of The Division community since launch, or even the last few months, will know that the shooter has been consistently embroiled in controversy over the types of content introduced with DLCs and the large number of bugs and issues still present in the game. So, current player skepticism over the quality of this new content isn’t surprising.

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Most recently, the 1.6.1 patch for The Division came under scrutiny after it was discovered that many of the problems Massive claimed to have fixed in the patch notes were still present, and in some cases became worse. Granted, gamers now have the chance to create customized Loadouts for their characters, but the damage has still been done from the other issues.

As far as what the new content is that morganamp and the other ETF attendees are playing, the Redditor was unable to provide additional details due to an NDA. However, considering the fact that morganamp specifically says it isn’t “rehashed content,” The Division players can be fairly confident it isn’t just the Legendary difficulty tacked onto current missions. Hopefully it’s new content that will last more than just a couple hours.

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There’s a chance the new content will revolve around The Division’s Dark Zone, at least if a recent survey about the Dark Zone has any part to play in the upcoming lineup of new content. That survey, which took place a few weeks ago, gave The Division players a chance to share their favorite features and biggest concerns about the game’s PvP arena. Granted, a three week old survey may not have much weight in the 1.7 update set for later this summer, but could have a lot of influence with the following free DLC update, 1.8.

There’s no news yet on when Massive or Ubisoft will release details about everything coming with The Division’s 1.7 update. However, with the anticipation for E3 coming up, hopefully the developer and publisher don’t wait to long to drum up excitement for the game’s upcoming new content.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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