A YouTube Channel that puts myths to the test in The Division answer more questions about the game, providing helpful ticks and tricks while doing so.

It may not have the amazing door-slamming introduction that their first video for The Division had, but Defend The House’s newest Mythbusters video more than makes up for that by solving plenty of new myths from The Division, giving away plenty of helpful tips and tricks for Ubisoft Massive’s title in the process.

It’s no secret that game is chock-full of numerous Easter Eggs, ranging from a Chris Farley character all the way to Batman. However, it has become more than apparent that not of all the discoverable goodies come in the form of pop culture references: many gameplay tips have been hiding under the noses of eager agents this entire time, and Defend The House mimic the popular Mythbusters television show style by putting some of these gameplay myths and questions to the test to see if they really work.

Check out the video below, where they try everything from trapping NPCs with mobile covers to shooting at players from outside the Dark Zone (though they didn’t end up killing everyone in sight, unlike this guy):

The first myth to be tested wasn’t a bad idea by videogame logic: when a player is dead, could their squadmates move the body closer to them for healing via explosives? As it turns out, despite the body physical being launched quite a distance, players still have to go to the spot their teammate was downed in order to complete the revive via apparent telekinesis. Somehow, this still makes more sense than the defibrillators of Battlefield which cure bullet wounds.

The investigating agents then went on to bully Hutch (who may be the new Bullet King). Planting mobile covers around the named boss allowed them to contain the threat, although he was still able to fire and swing at the squad, prompting a very non-conclusive “eh, kind of” answer from the Mythbusters squad. They then tested if the Predatory weapon talent (which allows an 11% health heal with each kill) works when killing the animals of Manhattan. While the news is sure to upset PETA, this method completely works, meaning gamers may expect a sudden surge of agents walking around taking pot-hots at squirrels and dogs.

We would have thought that it would be impossible to create a hole in a cover object and shoot through it, but that’s exactly what Defend The House confirmed as possible in the above video. When it comes to destructible environments in a Tom Clancy title, we’re more prone to think about Rainbow Six Siege, but it’s good to see the same trick works here – even if it comes with less visual flair.

Most interestingly, Defend The House were able to prove that players could not only shoot at players from outside the Dark Zone, but that they would also go rogue for doing so. The team behind the video stated that Ubisoft Massive patched the glitch they used to get out of bounds, so they weren’t able to get a video of the former happening.

If gamers have any myths they would like to see Defend The House try and verify, they can forward them to the YouTube channel producers here.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: YouTube